Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've been tagged

like 100 times and so I'm finally going to reply to a tag.

7 random things you probably don't know about me:

1. I eat a PB&J almost everyday for lunch.
Which probably has something to do with the fact that
I still haven't lost the baby weight I gained with both

2. Josh and I met while playing on the Ole Miss (SEC) club
ultimate frisbee co-ed club team.

3. I was on Oxford's (Mississippi) Most Wanted TV show as
a freshman. Some buddies and I thought we'd steal some street
signs for fun. ***note to any thieves out there. Don't
take pictures of yourselves with the stolen signs, esp.
when the license plate # is visible in the picture!

4. I learned how to waterski at the age of 3, slalom by 11,
and completely bored with it by 15. I then learned how to
wakeboard while at kamp (Kanakuk), and that's all I've been
doing since.

5. I supposedly have a genetic disorder called trisomy 8.
It's literally supposed to be so rare that one in a million
people have it. I say "supposedly" because I have no
physical effects of it, but they say it's why I have such
complicated pregnancies. If in fact I DO have it, then
I'm the only ever documented case of a woman who's
successfully had children with it. (And I have conceived

I'm running out of the interesting stuff...........uh.....

6. I got my first yellow card ever two years ago while
coaching middle school volleyball. and I got it because
the ref thought that I was yelling at him, but I was
actually telling my girls what to expect next. Regardless
he said it was because I wouldn't sit down in my chair.
I get too pumped up to sit in my chair, but I've had to
learn! :D

7. In all the teenage relationships I've ever had, I was
always the one to break up with the other person. I ususally
got bored with him after a while.

So there you have it. 7 random (and hopefully interesting) facts about me. I'm not going to tag anybody, because i think that all the people who've tagged me or the ones that I would tag, have already done it. I must be the last blogger on EArth to not have done this. Oh well. I've done it now! ;)


Ronda said...

Hi Deana!! Just reading your blog update! Interesting facts about you!

Laura S. said...

this was cool & interesting.

just lisa said...

Deanna - I am very surprised about the stealing! ;-) But, alas, it was your youth!

Your layouts below are ALL so beautiful - I also love the pink paislee book for your sketches, etc..

Michelle Lanning said...

you are not the last ---- shhhhhh

And you are a girl I woulda def hung out with --- ok but without all the sports and stuff...I woulda cheered for you!!LOL!

Morgan said...

Hehe, I love interesting facts about people, thanks for sharing! Trisomy 8... I've not heard of that one, either way, I'm so happy you were able to have the girls, how very cool!

Brandy said...

yeah, i am pretty bad about those tags...i think i am supposed to be doing a couple right now...

rebel =)

Gardagami said...

See here or here

Diana said...

Definitely interesting! Great to learn more about you ;)