Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A quick, fun little project

My dear friend Virginia is QUEEN of dollar store finds, and turning them in to some beautiful scrappy goodness. Inspired by her and a print I saw while browsing Etsy, I decided to try my hand at a quick altering job too!

I started out with this frame from the Dollar Store. You can't quite tell, but the frame is actually a barn red color, and had several mats beige, navy, and then the advertisement in the middle. (Ahem---please excuse the crayon on the wall--I ran out of Magic Erasers.)

After about 20 minutes, maybe less, I'd turned it in to this:

I'm so proud of it! Since scrap papers don't come in 11x14 and the colors worked perfectly, I chose to keep the mats the way they were. All I did was inserted the pale blue paper (Amer. Crafts. "Junior" line), and then stuck down the Thickers. Mac's room is kind of a sporty theme anyway, so I can't WAIT to hang it on the wall. I'll be sure to post a picture when I do. ;)

The little things

Just as I want to remember the sentimental moments and the "big" moments in our life, I also remember the little ones too. Those are really what life is made up of anyway.

This point was reiterated as this past week I heard Paul Tripp make the comment, "God lives in the mundane." He was referring to how we speak to one another on an everyday basis (Luke 6:45), but this really struck me as he went on to make the point that there are only a few really "big" moments in our lives. That REALLY, life is made up of the little stuff.

This LO celebrates the little stuff. A teeny tiny moment of silliness between me and the girls. It's times like this I want to document just as much as ones like yesterday's post about waiting for Mac.

Just as yesterday's LO was muted, serious, and somber, I wanted this LO to be fun, quirky, and bright. I used a lot of Echo Park papers from Noel Mignon's "Sun-kissed" kit (my 5th LO with this kit with TONS to go), and I love love love that she included drink umbrellas in the kit! How FUN is that?!

So anyway, here's to cherishing (and scrapping, winkwink) the big moments as well as the little ones.

Life happens in the mundane.

Monday, June 28, 2010

At the risk of being cheesy...

I'm bravely posting this picture and layout. Josh thinks it's very cheesy, but says "I'm sure scrapbookers will like it." (I rolled my eyes. gee thanks dear.) Really though, as I come to the end of this pregnancy I'm getting kinda emotional about it. Guess I'm hormonal. But this is probably our last kidddo, and so the last time I plan to be pregnant, and well, I kinda want to remember it.

I'm one of those weirdos that actually likes being pregnant. I really do. Even though I have a sore back, an official "outie" bellybutton, can't sit in hard chairs, and the heat is getting to me, I can't help but think what a blessing it is to carry a child! It's easy for me to overlook the hardships when I remember what it was like to LONG for a child only to have 4 miscarriages. Or worse yet, to lose one of our little ones in the womb. Pregnancy is such a blessing to me that I really do LIKE to be pregnant. And on top of all this, having a BOY has made me so so excited! It's a whole new experience in store for us!

(See? I told you I was emotional. or at least sentimental.)

SO...cheesy or not...here I go. I'm posting this picture. Don't laugh. Just know that I'm probably crazy, may even regret it, but want to remember too. ;)

This is another one for The Color Room, this time palette #12. It was a challenge for me to use dark, muted colors, AND orange on top of that! So it's a simple one. I used Oct. Aft. and Amer. Crafts papers, a Hambly transparency, Nikki Sivils burlap buttons, and VERY OLD Heidi Swapp photo corners.

Thanks for letting me share my cheesy, sentimental side of things.

Hope you're having a great Monday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

SHE @ 3

Still playing with my "Sun-kissed" kit from Noel, and I thought I'd scrap some of Sarah Kate. It's not that I don't WANT to scrap her or LIKE scrapping her. She just doesn't like the camera right now. That is of course, unless it's HER idea to take pictures which in this case it was! Here she is, "She at 3".SHE:
loves hot dogs and "cheesy chips"
has an imaginary friend she calls "Charming"
(yes, as in Prince Charming)
can't WAIT to meet her baby brother, and is convinced they're already best friends
asks to hear "Holy, Holy, Holy" every single time we're in the car.
loves playing the mommy when pretending.
can be sassy, and bossy, but oh so cute too! (just not at the same time) ;)
Case and point:
Okay, so this was one time where she WAS sassy, bossy AND cute!
(it wasn't directed at me)
Instead she's telling off an older boy chasing her sister at the mall. Ha!
She's got a protective streak and you don't want to cross her!

k, so that's SK in a nutshell.
My soon-to-be middle child.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing with mists...

I've been totally inspired by The Color Room gallery to pull out my mists and actually USE them. What a concept, huh?! Anyway, this week's color palette was a good excuse as any, so I gave them a whirl.

I misted both the cardstock and some of the white Prima flowers. I can't say I'm addicted to mists the way I know some people are, but it was fun using them. It's just hard for me, because I can't quite control where they spray. Guess I'm just a control freak! hehe! But playing around was fun too.


Make A Wish

The journaling reads, "My wish for you is that you love God, walk humbly with Him, make good choices, and love life!"

Thanks for stopping by! If you need me I'll be cooling off in the pool! ;) :D (Four more weeks to go!!!)

It wouldn't be summer

without a ballpark post from me. Last night was Josh's last game, and we finally got to go to one. All the others have been at 8pm and 9pm. And even though our team lost, I got some fun pictures of the girls and a few of Josh batting that he'd rather I not show. ;)

After the game, since it ended early, we were able to spend some time on the playground. These are my two favorite shots. Caroline loved the tire swing, and then Sarah Kate loved the zipline, as if you couldn't tell by looking at her!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Proud Mama

Right now over on the Noel Mignon challenge blog they're having a white space challenge. I love trying my hand at white space, and this time I chose to play with the Crate Paper that came in Noel's "Lemonade Stand" kit, and some Glimmer Mist too.

I called this LO "Proud Mama" because up to now this is the proudest I've ever been of Caroline, and really this picture is pure happiness. I'm beaming with pride, and she is enjoying the moment too. No fake smiles here for sure! In fact, we just got the DVD of her performance in the mail yesterday. I wonder how many times we'll be watching that one?! hehe!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Instant Love

I was inspired by this week's American Crafts blog challenge to create a boyish/manly LO with their product. This seemed perfect for scrapping another one of McClain's ultrasounds, so that's exactly what I did.

I used AC patterned paper, ribbon, brown pen, and Thickers to help create this one. I also popped up more stars on pop dots to give the LO more dimension. The journaling reads, "The very moment your little faced popped up on the ultrasound, I was instantly fell in love! Those chubby cheeks and smooshed nose left me in awe, speechless, and full of wonder. I already love you!"

Sorry the ultrasound photo isn't showing up as well. If you want to see a better scan of it, you can check it out here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yippppeee Yay!

Hooray! I can finally share my good news!!

Yep, I was chosen as a part of the My Little Shoebox Design Team!!! I'm sooo excited!!!

ETA: The new MLS DT:

* Aphra Bolyer
* Beckie Dreyer
* Carol Figueiredo
* Cindy Stevens
* Debbie Sherman
* Gudrun Loennecken
* Hilde Janbroers
* June Goh
* Kat Glossop
* Kathie Davis
* Nicole Wragge
* Rocio Duran
* Susan Dupre
* Tajanee White
* Tracey Locher

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sand & Surf


This week's room over at The Color Room focused on a more subtle color palette that totally inspired me to scrap some beach pictures. And these beach pictures are almost 2 yrs. old. The girls are almost 3 and almost 2 in these (grainy) pictures. I think I'd had my camera less than a month at that point. But look, their UM cheerleader outfits still fit them. Sigh....they were so little.

For this LO I used a combination of papers from 3 of Noel's kits, Mill Street, Lemonade Stand, and Sun-kissed. I also threw in some very old Scenic Route hand cut swirls for good measure. This was my first time playing with Core'dinations cardstock, and even though it was really messy, I loved sanding and spraying it with mists. And since I was already "dirty" I pulled out what's left of my Tim Holtz crackle paint (thank you SK for painting with it before me) and crackled the ampersand in the title. I had a really fun time messing around with this one in case you couldn't tell.

Something else I can't quite tell yet will be announced tomorrow. How's that for a little teaser?!?! Be sure to check back in for the exciting news! ;)

Friday, June 11, 2010

A bittersweet layout

"They adore each other"

This is one of my favorite current layouts. I made it using papers from Noel Mignon's new "Sun-kissed" kit that includes the new Echo Park, Jillibean, and Cosmo Cricket lines. This kit couldn't be MORE up my alley! It's so bright and cheery!

That said, this layout makes my heart ache. You see, it's of Caroline and her best friend in the whole wide world. They've known each other since the womb practically. In fact, I've got a photo of Kels sitting beside C when she's in her infant carrier carseat. They go that far back.

And now they're moving. :(

Like 10 hours away moving. And we don't know what to do with that. My girls don't can't grasp the concept that they won't be able to play with their friends anymore.
Those of us that do get it are really really sad. So while I love this layout, and will cherish it, right now it brings tears to my eyes. We just love them so much and will miss them dearly.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Color Room #9


I really loved the color palette for this week's Color Room, it's actually one of my favorite color combinations. So of course I had to participate this week. Here's what I came up with.

Ice Cream Celebration

After her recital, we took Caroline to get ice cream to celebrate the great job that she did. That's when I snapped this shot. Not the greatest pic of SK, but I love the beaming smile on Caroline's face.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1st photo of our little guy!

Well, technically not the FIRST photo since we have ultrasounds dating back to 5 wks. pregnant. But this is the first shot of his little face!! And his hands aren't even in the way! Yay! I've turned the scan sideways so you can see him better, hopefully.

It's like he's pressed his little face up against a Xerox machine. You can see his smooshed nose there in the middle, his chubby cheeks (this kid may actually look my ME!), and his forehead at the top. The blacked out spots are where his eyes are, and in the real ultrasound scan you can see them a little, but they didn't show up in the scan.

Anyway.....thanks for letting this proud excited Mama share! A little over one month to go!!!! (That's a little frightening too!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun frugal weekend activity

In an attempt to beat the heat this past weekend, I pulled an OLD trick out of my mommy memory, a trick I learned while I was a counselor at the greatest kamp on Earth, turning tarps into slip n slides! We only had one available tarp, but just add dish soap and voila! you've got your very own homemade slip n slide! It was a nice way to cool down and spend some time laughing as a family!
This one loved it!

Ironically, my "no fear" girl was a little more hesitant.

In the end she decided she liked it too.
Now to teach them how to actually slide and not be
pushed by Daddy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Layouts and loves

Cheesy title I know, but right now I'm lacking in the title department....Anyway, I thought I'd share a few Noel Mignon layouts with you and a couple of my favorite activities we've been up to.

First up is this LO that I did with Noel's "Lemonade Stand" kit. I'm really loving this color combination right now!

And second is this one using the "Playdate" kit. Dad took these pictures of Caroline as she was helping them plant their garden at the lake. She SO has a love of dirt and flowers! In fact, she just surprised me by walking in with a vase full of gardenias she cut from the backyard bush. **big grins** That girl knows her mama! And gardening is something we love to do together!

Speaking of flowers, one of my favorite things right now is Mason jars full of fresh flowers! Nothing quite brightens up my day like homegrown flowers sitting on the kitchen table (and counter tops, window sills, and by the computer desk!)

And lastly, I've been having a love for plaid. Poor McClain is going to have everything plaid if I don't stop myself! There's just something about little boys in plaid (madras or otherwise) that I just love. Love it with cargo shorts, love it as a button-down shirt, and of course I fell in LOVE with this bedding from PBK. See? I just can't stop! (But I'm not apologizing!)

That's all for today! Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a happy Monday!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well my Girls Paperie paper finally came in from an online store, it only took 20 days (sense the sarcasm), and I finally got to play with it. This line has got to be one of my favorites! I love how feminine and shabby it is! So of course I scrapped some VERY GIRLY pictures with it! ;)

The journaling on this one reads, "You took to ballet like a fish takes to water! There wasn't one thing you didn't like about it. You LOVED the tutus, the shoes, Mrs. Bridget, and especially the dancing! And your love for ballet definitely showed at your recital. You danced with all your heart, worshipped God with your movements, and glowed with joy!"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A sweet spotlight, and Sun-kissed

Noel, from NoelMignon.com, was sweet enough to spotlight some of her favorite LOs done with her kits, and I was chosen as on of them! Thank you so much Noel!! I really love her kits! You can see the blog post here.

And speaking of kits...Noel's next kit, "Sun-kissed", is going on sale June 5th. This one's going to be HOT HOT HOT! Check out these sneak peeks:

Get there early if you want to grab one! They usually go on sale around 10am EST.