Friday, June 25, 2010

SHE @ 3

Still playing with my "Sun-kissed" kit from Noel, and I thought I'd scrap some of Sarah Kate. It's not that I don't WANT to scrap her or LIKE scrapping her. She just doesn't like the camera right now. That is of course, unless it's HER idea to take pictures which in this case it was! Here she is, "She at 3".SHE:
loves hot dogs and "cheesy chips"
has an imaginary friend she calls "Charming"
(yes, as in Prince Charming)
can't WAIT to meet her baby brother, and is convinced they're already best friends
asks to hear "Holy, Holy, Holy" every single time we're in the car.
loves playing the mommy when pretending.
can be sassy, and bossy, but oh so cute too! (just not at the same time) ;)
Case and point:
Okay, so this was one time where she WAS sassy, bossy AND cute!
(it wasn't directed at me)
Instead she's telling off an older boy chasing her sister at the mall. Ha!
She's got a protective streak and you don't want to cross her!

k, so that's SK in a nutshell.
My soon-to-be middle child.


Kathie said...

How cute is this!! VERY...and the pic is so flippin cute!

AmyInKy said...

What an adorable layout! LOVE your journaling!