Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun frugal weekend activity

In an attempt to beat the heat this past weekend, I pulled an OLD trick out of my mommy memory, a trick I learned while I was a counselor at the greatest kamp on Earth, turning tarps into slip n slides! We only had one available tarp, but just add dish soap and voila! you've got your very own homemade slip n slide! It was a nice way to cool down and spend some time laughing as a family!
This one loved it!

Ironically, my "no fear" girl was a little more hesitant.

In the end she decided she liked it too.
Now to teach them how to actually slide and not be
pushed by Daddy.

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Kathy Martin said...

Looks like great fun! Thanks for the reminder to get out the tarps and do some slipping and sliding of our own! :)