Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The little things

Just as I want to remember the sentimental moments and the "big" moments in our life, I also remember the little ones too. Those are really what life is made up of anyway.

This point was reiterated as this past week I heard Paul Tripp make the comment, "God lives in the mundane." He was referring to how we speak to one another on an everyday basis (Luke 6:45), but this really struck me as he went on to make the point that there are only a few really "big" moments in our lives. That REALLY, life is made up of the little stuff.

This LO celebrates the little stuff. A teeny tiny moment of silliness between me and the girls. It's times like this I want to document just as much as ones like yesterday's post about waiting for Mac.

Just as yesterday's LO was muted, serious, and somber, I wanted this LO to be fun, quirky, and bright. I used a lot of Echo Park papers from Noel Mignon's "Sun-kissed" kit (my 5th LO with this kit with TONS to go), and I love love love that she included drink umbrellas in the kit! How FUN is that?!

So anyway, here's to cherishing (and scrapping, winkwink) the big moments as well as the little ones.

Life happens in the mundane.

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aussiescrapper said...

Just love love this layout, this has been my favourite kit, you have so inspired me with your gorgeous designs, I love them, the butterfly rocks. Melxx