Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1st Snow Day!

No, no it's not OUR first snow day today. I see where there are blizzard conditions our west for Thanksgiving, and thankfully that's not us. BUT I did scrap Caroline's first snow day with the December kit from Scrapcetera. It's full of Crate Paper's Snow Day line with a little Jillibean Soup added in, and boy is it a fun kit to play with! I was so excited that I actually had snow pictures to scrap too! :D This is the first of several that I got to make. I LOVE the bright colors!

A couple of things I love about this kit are that #1 Sarah included the chipboard sticker IN the kit. They're not an add-on!! I LOVED that! I think I used the chipboard the most, it's on each layout I did. I also love that Sarah packs the kit FULL of patterned paper. There's SO much that comes in it! And I can't believe that she only charges $25 for it! That's a steal! You really need to go grab one, because these kits are FABulous!

More from this kit soon! ;) Hope you're having a great day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Cricut saves the day!

This Team Mom is VERY grateful for my Cricut! It saved the day! Here's the quick story.

You see, I've been really busy, too busy to even THINK about ordering trophies for our Upwards soccer team party. (For those of you who don't know, Upward doesn't give out trophies at their Awards Night. They give out a "gift", which this year was a brand new backpack.) Anything like a team party and any additional rewards or what have you are left up to the coach and his team mom to decide what to do. Well in our case it was up to Josh and me. hehe! We organized the party, no problem. But I totally forgot to ask the other parents their opinion was about trophies. So at the last minute I decided the kids needed something to remember the season by (not just a generic Upwards backpack that everybody gets). So I made my own rewards---with my Cricut! Fast, easy, and just the right little something to end the season.

I LOVE that I was able to make 7 ribbons really quickly. I used the Martha Stewart All Occasions cartridge for the ribbon, and Boys Will Be Boys cartridge for the soccer portions. I wrote each player's name down one side and our team name down the other, after I took pictures of course. ;) So easy.

And I got a lot of compliments for "all my hard work" from the other moms, when really all I did was press "cut". Gotta love that a Cricut makes you look good--kind of like that old Rice Krispies commercial where the mom dusts herself with flour as she's walking out of the kitchen after she's made the Rice Krispie treats just so it LOOKS like she did all the hard work. Yep, that was me at the soccer party thanks to my Cricut. ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 months

Our little guy is now officially 4 months old. It's all going by sooooo quickly. I definitely hold him more and longer. Rock him much more often, which I never did with Caroline, and only a little bit with Sarah Kate. And I probably hold him or carry him around too much. He's not as content to sit and watch the world go by as he once was. oops!

Just in the last week he's:
--started rolling over, front to back AND back to front, but still hate tummy time
--sleeping 12 hrs. through the night if I let him. I'm finding that that's not such a good idea even though I can get a lot more done when he's down. (but I'm not complaining AT ALL.)
--found his thumb. That's how he's sleeping so long. He sucks his thumb all night long.
--also found his voice. Think high pitch squeals. It's bad. Cover your ears and run the other way kind of bad. We're hoping he grows out of it quickly.

But he's still the best baby ever! Very easygoing, content and happy most the time. Likes attention especially from his sisters. Oh, and he's QUITE ticklish. It's really cute to hear him laugh. ;)

And....that's about it! Happy Tuesday!

***ETA He weighed 13 lbs. 14oz. and was 25.75" long at his 4th mo. Dr. appt. Looks like we have another long skinny Misner in the making. ;)***

December peeks

Can you believe that it's time for DECEMBER sneak peeks?! Whaaat? It seems like that days and months are flying faster and faster every day! Good grief!

Anyway, the Scrapcetera December kit is sooooo yummy! I really love it!

And here's a peek at what I've done with it so far. ;)

You can see my full LO and the 1st LOs from the rest of the DT girls over on the Scrapcetera Facebook page which you can find here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

By Hand Boutique

THIS is what I've been up to lately...creating for this...which was this past weekend. I had a privilege of sharing a booth with my dear friend Virginia. And honestly most everything you see pictured is hers. My work is filling in the holes. ;)

I made the bookpaper canvases which read, "Family is Forever", a set of three that said, "faith" "hope" and "love", and later in the day I made several monogrammed canvases all of which were made using my handy dandy Cricut! I also created the cookie sheet Christmas Countdown calendars (green with red polka dot bows on top), a banner and sign or two, some cards, and fabric rosette headbands. Surprisingly, the headbands were the best seller! I was so excited!

Here's what they look like closer up.

Maybe they'll take off around Chattanooga like they did in AL this weekend. ;)

Anyway, it's back to the daily grind for me. Lots of laundry, cleaning, and even some creating to do. But I wanted to share and possibly explain my absence in blog world. I hope to get back to posting more regularly soon. ;)

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Scary faces and Trick or Treating

Also last week I took the girls to IHOP for some scary face pancakes. Both of them LOVE pancakes, and since they were free, I thought, "Hey why not?" They each built their own with candy corn for teeth and mini oreos for eyes.

Since I said, "Show me your scary
face" she both growled at me
and held up her pancake. Hehe!

And then the sugar hit.
Gotta love bouncy booth seating.

Halloween and trick-or-treating
came next. We had a pretty ballerina,
a kitty cat, and a baby pumpkin.

Josh pushed the girls in the double stroller
while I pushed Mac in the single.
Its a good thing too because our neighborhood
proved to be a long walk and very hilly.
By the end of it I was certain I deserved some
candy too. ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coming up for air!

Whew! It's been crazy busy around here lately, and I feel like I'm barely coming up for air. Especially since I have no clue where October went! And for some reason I feel like the holidays are right on top of us now. I *will* slow down, I'm going to make myself. Promise.

Since its been a (long) while since I posted last, I thought I'd try to catch up to speed with a hodgepodge of stuff. **warning** It's a lot of photos.

First we went to a REAL pumpkin patch.

We've enjoyed playing in the leaves too.

And then of course there was Halloween (pics from this coming).

And in other news, I've been scrapping too! Here's a layout I did for My Little Shoebox this month featuring their Harmony collection.

The DT was also sponsored by Creative Charms this month. Thank you so much Creative Charms for sharing your product with us! I LOVE your vintage flowers, rhinestones, bling, and brads! You can see how I used their bling and vintage flower here.

Well, that's all for now. I'm still editing pictures from other activities like trick-or-treating, the church's Reformation party, and a silly outing to IHOP for scary face pancakes. The Lord has blessed me by allowing my little photography venture to really get up and running! Great is His faithfulness for sure! He provides just what we need at just the right time.

And, one last thing. (If you're still reading then you're a champ, and I need to give you a hug!) The other little venture that's taking up some time is this awesome gig that'll be Nov. 12th and 13th in Alabama. So if you're in the Birmingham area and want to drop by, come say hi to me and Virginia. We're putting a table together for it.

Alrighty. Well I think that's enough for now. I'll be back with some more photos and scrappy goodness very soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me! ;)