Monday, November 15, 2010

By Hand Boutique

THIS is what I've been up to lately...creating for this...which was this past weekend. I had a privilege of sharing a booth with my dear friend Virginia. And honestly most everything you see pictured is hers. My work is filling in the holes. ;)

I made the bookpaper canvases which read, "Family is Forever", a set of three that said, "faith" "hope" and "love", and later in the day I made several monogrammed canvases all of which were made using my handy dandy Cricut! I also created the cookie sheet Christmas Countdown calendars (green with red polka dot bows on top), a banner and sign or two, some cards, and fabric rosette headbands. Surprisingly, the headbands were the best seller! I was so excited!

Here's what they look like closer up.

Maybe they'll take off around Chattanooga like they did in AL this weekend. ;)

Anyway, it's back to the daily grind for me. Lots of laundry, cleaning, and even some creating to do. But I wanted to share and possibly explain my absence in blog world. I hope to get back to posting more regularly soon. ;)

Happy Monday!


Zarah said...

Gorjuss! I HEART the headband!

mustangkayla said...

How fun! Looks fabulous!

Jason and Gretchen said...

I need something crafty to display my new family photos in...any ideas?

ScrappyMama said...

Glad to have you back...I visit your blog every day & I miss seeing new ideas from you. Of course, it's easy to see now that you haven't been slacking off! Thanks for sharing the pics of your little guy...he adorable!!