Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Cricut saves the day!

This Team Mom is VERY grateful for my Cricut! It saved the day! Here's the quick story.

You see, I've been really busy, too busy to even THINK about ordering trophies for our Upwards soccer team party. (For those of you who don't know, Upward doesn't give out trophies at their Awards Night. They give out a "gift", which this year was a brand new backpack.) Anything like a team party and any additional rewards or what have you are left up to the coach and his team mom to decide what to do. Well in our case it was up to Josh and me. hehe! We organized the party, no problem. But I totally forgot to ask the other parents their opinion was about trophies. So at the last minute I decided the kids needed something to remember the season by (not just a generic Upwards backpack that everybody gets). So I made my own rewards---with my Cricut! Fast, easy, and just the right little something to end the season.

I LOVE that I was able to make 7 ribbons really quickly. I used the Martha Stewart All Occasions cartridge for the ribbon, and Boys Will Be Boys cartridge for the soccer portions. I wrote each player's name down one side and our team name down the other, after I took pictures of course. ;) So easy.

And I got a lot of compliments for "all my hard work" from the other moms, when really all I did was press "cut". Gotta love that a Cricut makes you look good--kind of like that old Rice Krispies commercial where the mom dusts herself with flour as she's walking out of the kitchen after she's made the Rice Krispie treats just so it LOOKS like she did all the hard work. Yep, that was me at the soccer party thanks to my Cricut. ;)


Nitasha said...

these are adorable! My football boys and parents would love these!

flowerdisco said...

they are very cool and much cooler you personalized them. you did saved the is just not press cut, you know that :)

ScrappyMama said...

Great job! You could've dusted off chalk or lingering paper scraps as you walked in the door...I always seem to find little bits & pieces on me. The other day I actually found a piece glued to me; I knew I had put glue on it but then I couldn't find it ANYWHERE till a few hours later I felt something on my was securly attached to the outside of my palm!! Yep, I was still able to use it!!