Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wedding pictures from this weekend

These are my favorites from this weekend. It was a really low key wedding, which was really nice. We enjoyed having the "other" Misners there to celebrate with us. It's always such a fun time when we all get together!

All 6 grandkids together--I REALLY wish Caroline was standing closer to Adin. Shots like this are a dime a dozen where they're ALL smiling and focused on the photographer (which in the case is the wedding photographer and not me).

The Misner Men

Dave and Ben chillin' after the wedding.

Aunt Jennifer and Sarah Kate REALLY hit it off! I was so thankful for that, as I needed someone to hold her while all the other pictures were being taken. Thank you Aunt Jennifer! You're the best! ;)

Sweet Emma! My how she's grown! She wasn't even walking when Josh and I first started dating! Every time I look at her, I'm amazed by her girlish beauty and the fact that time really does go so quickly.

Overall, it was a really nice time spent with family. It's always a treat to get to go to Mississippi to see everyone! And of course this time was no exception.


Jen said...

Oh, Deanna, you have such a beautiful family. Your girls are so adorable and I love SK's smile...she is precious.

Sarah said...

yea! these are great, I want copies of them all!! post them somewhere where I can download. I have the disk from Ali but haven't looked at it yet. what's the deal with the skewers you guys left upstairs?

Anonymous said...

Awesome Deanna, these are such great photos :) Thanks for sharing them with us !!

Hugs !

gretchenmcelveen said...

GREAT pics D!!

Melanie said...

These photos are gorgeous Deanna, I hear you on how hard it is to get a photo of all the cousins.

I had to try to round up and photograph Lillee and her 8 cousins in Tasmania. Its hard. Lol

Jana Eubank said...

Cute pics, Deanna!

Michelle Lanning said...

oh my goodness - didn't realize how much SK looks like DH!!

Adorable pictures

3QTGUYS said...

Uh Oh! I've found a new source for pics of Gmac's hot brothers!