Tuesday, January 6, 2009


and I mean more than just creatively. Over the Christmas break, I stumbled upon Patter Cross's blog. Now some of you may wonder why I'm just now finding it since she's pretty much IN the scrap scene, but regardless I just found it. I saw where she'd been doing a Scripture Challenge for every week of 2008, and honestly her "words" and descriptions really touched me. At one point I think I even teared up. I was also sad that I found the blog and thus the challenges in December, like week 49 of 52 weeks. So I promised myself that I'd do my own Scripture challenge for 2009 just using her devos from 2008. Well, Patter must've read my mind (we're close like that) because she's re-posting her Scripture Challenges this year too along with the His Holy Name challenges for 2009! I couldn't be happier and more excited to get started! I mean, what a great way to use up my scraps or leftovers from kits while also digging in to His Word, and THEN doing something creative with it! So, I've added Patter's blinkies to my sidebar. The Scripture challenge is a weekly deal, and His Holy Name is every 2 weeks. I can't wait to get started! Who's with me?!

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