Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old World Cabbage Soup

Here are the 3 LOs I've done so far with Jillibean's Old World Cabbage Soup line. At first I was a little intimidated by this line because it was more masculine than I am used to working with, but as soon as I got going, boy did I get going! It quickly became one of my favorite lines! And those sticker sheets called Alphabeans? They're the BEST!!! I really really love them!

Ring Around the Rosey

My girls playing at the ballpark one evening last Spring. I really loved how the older girl(s) took in the little ones and all played so well together! Have I mentioned how much I love ballpark nights?!

My 2 Chicks

Just a couple of silly pictures of my girls goofing off. When I got these developed, I loved the pictures but the green was kinda funky (blame it on the lighting in my bathroom). But when I saw the green papers of Cabbage Soup, I was sooo excited that I could scrap them!

Pure Excitement

It's the little things that make her happy. The wishing fountain outside of one of our fave restaurants is no exception. Here, I used my teal blue Glimmer Mist to dye the white corrugated alphas a blue color. Love that they're alterable! Of course the white is cool too! ;)


Jenni said...

So cute!! You rocked it! Never may have to get used to some more masculine looking paper soon! =)

Wilkie said...

So cute and it is way too shocking to see mine as a "big" girl. Yikes!