Monday, March 15, 2010

So I've been scrapping a little bit lately. For so long I was stuck in such a rut that it's been hard to snap out of it. To try and remedy that, I've been scraplifting some layouts I've seen online that I just love. And while I was in the process, lo and behold my creativity came back! Woohoo! So I have some lifts to share as well as a couple of originals. ;) Hope you enjoy!


A scraplift from the wonderful Becky Williams. I just LOVED her version, and so I had to make my own. I added several touches that are definitely more "me" but the overall design credit still goes to Becky. And I absolutely LOVE this photo too. Virginia took it while we were visiting in February, and I couldn't be more excited to share it!

She was glowing

And that she was! Sarah Kate totally ate up all the attention she got at her birthday party! I don't think I've seen her radiate (cheesy but it's true) like that. She was definitely on cloud 9. And this is another almost exact scraplift. This time from the extremely talented Stephanie Howell. I've got a scrap crush on her, and when I saw what she did with the Dear Lizzy products, and I couldn't HELP but copy hers!

Sneak peeks...

And then we have this little guy! (which we hope is still a little GUY! hehe!! At my last appt. his legs were so tightly crossed there was no WAY of confirming! But the 1st set of gender pics were very obvious so we're still sticking with the boy theory.) And this one is NOT a scraplift, but it is my very first baby boy page! Scrapping boys is hard! But I really liked these Anthology papers from Studio Calico. They were fun to work with!

And last but not least

Not so sure...

I did this one way back before Christmas, and just never photographed it. At the time it was a pretty special LO because we NEVER get snow! But now, 5 snows later, it's not as meaningful I guess. It IS funny to look back and see how timid she was, because she's definitely not timid now!

And there you have it! The layouts I've been working on lately.

I also just turned 20 wks. and I hope to do a LO about being halfway there! I'm still trying to get up the nerve to take pics of my belly though. As of my last appt. I'd only gained 4 lbs. but then today on the phone Caroline told my mom, "Mommy's belly keeps getting bigger and bigger EVERY DAY!!!" Gee, thanks. Just what I wanted to hear! :) So we'll see if that idea actually makes it to fruition.

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well, enjoying the early signs of Spring, and creating some too! Hopefully I'll be back soon with those belly pics. We'll see. ;)


Jana Eubank said...

I LOVE seeing your scrappiness again! :) These pages are so perfectly you and so perfectly adorable! I can't help but grin thinking about you having that baby! I LOVE your first boy page . . . and I know what you mean . . . scrapping for boys definitely takes a different frame of mind! ;) HUGS!!!

beckyjune said...

I love your "adore" page and still think it's cool that you would want to lift one of MY pages. ♥

chelemom said...

So glad you are scrapping!!! These are absolutely gorgeous!!! All of 'em!!!!

Michelle said...

I love your layouts (always do!). I love the pop of colors on the Not So Sure LO. Congrats on the coming baby boy. Boys are awesome!

Virginia said...

How much do I love that little boy layout? I have that same paper and I love how you used it. I"m going to have to lift you! I love all of these!