Tuesday, August 24, 2010

playing beauty shop

I'm learning very quickly that my kids don't play with toys. Nope. They'd rather get in to things like, oh...say...bath gel, fingernail polish, and this past week...baby lotion! Sarah Kate is notorious for finding any spare lotion, "hanitizer", and even bug repellent in the form of lotion. (I didn't know they still made that, and I certainly didn't know we had any.) Leave it to her to find it though!

She found more the other day, and play beauty shop with it! LOL! This was the end result. She's so proud! Ha! I promise one day SK's going to be wearing the white Clinque lab coat asking passersby if they'd like her to do their lipstick.

So for Christmas, no more toys. Just lotions, lip glosses, hair accessories, and "jew-ry". Won't Daddy be thrilled. (Nope.)


the Nest Keeper said...

um. one question.
where's her hair??? :)

Gretchen said...

do you watch America's Next Top Model? if Tyra was to give SK a makeover to make her look more edgy, more like a model, this is definitely the look she would have given her!

Jodi said...

Such a cute story and a sweet little beautician to go along with it! :)