Thursday, October 13, 2011


With the onset of Kindergarten this year, I've been noticing that Caroline's interests are changing. Actually it's hard NOT to notice. hehe! Lately she's decided that she's not into in princesses or fairies anymore, but instead it's superheroes. And all things pertaining to superheroes.

So of course when we went to the Autumn Children's Festival last Sunday she chose to have her face painted like Spiderman. And I was able to snap a few shots. What totally cracks me up is that she's in her Sunday dress, cute little bow to match, and then there's the bright red painted face. It TOTALLY cracked me up! And you should've heard some of the comments from the passersby. Too funny! But she loved it and was beaming most the afternoon until the paint dried and started to crack. Then she said it felt itchy and couldn't wait to get it off.

"Transforming into Spidey"
Products used: Fancy Pants patterned paper and transparency, My Mind's Eye brads, Making Memories glitter and mini alphas

For the journaling I went a tad bit deeper. It reads, "At first it was just the subtle change of your favorite color from pink to red. Then it was dinosaurs and now it's superheroes. You've changed in a lot of ways this year, transforming in to a little girl who's uniquely herself, transforming in to Spiderman."

And so things are transforming in to Spidey around here too. Although she insisted on NOT being SpiderGirl for Halloween, but is most currently obsessed with Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. And she really IS cute in her costume. If only I could get her to slow down long enough to get a picture of her in it. She's too busy zooming around saving the world. LOL! :)

Happy Friday, y'all!
Thank goodness for Friday! :D


Kathy Martin said...

Love this! You matched up the perfect papers for your photos! :)

Gretchen said...

fabulous layout!! and CUTE pic!!