Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Lately I've been doing a lot of practicing with my camera. I've been pulling it out for the littlest of things trying to capture a taste of what it's like around here everyday. I love that Karen's class is forcing me to do it. I'm learning so so much! Here's few I got last week while working on composition. (These are SOOC like Karen encourages us to do. Hopefully I'll have time to go back later and edit them just a bit.)

These first few were for our Week 1 assignment:
(camera tilt) 

(non-camera tilt) 

(trying to creatively "frame" using my azalea bushes) 

(eye-level shot) 

And then I looked around and tried to find what Sarah Kate was doing. She was playing on her Princess computer and I ended up getting this series from her. (using the leading line of the sidewalk edge.)

 (She spotted me.)

(All giggles. And right as I shot this McClain walked into the frame with the bucket of chalk. 
We're going to call that more creative framing. Ha! I still love her little expression though. 
Finally a NATURAL one of her.)

Again, these are SOOC (straight-out-of-the-camera, for those of you who don't speak photography) so they're not edited in any way. Just being in the class for 3 weeks now has made me realize how hard it can be to get a technically "good" photograph while trying to capture 3 busy, semi-cooperative little beings.

But it's been SO fun! I'm a sponge soaking it all up, and I have to say, it's brought me a lot of joy where there really hasn't been these last few months. This class has been a big bright spot for me and something I look forward to every day. I'm very blessed to be taking the class and so far I'd highly recommend it to anyone interested in bettering their photography skills.

Thank you, Lord, for the little things, the passions you plant in our hearts and then let us explore. What a gift!

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Lisa said...

What a lovely job you are doing SOOC!!! I enrolled in Karen's class a while back. Unfortunately, life threw me a wicked curve ball right about the time I got started in the class. I keep planning to work my way through the material but simply haven't. You, my friend, have given me the inspiration to get my rear in gear! Keep up the good work. You are doing a fabulous job!