Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Berry Picking

Catching up a little bit--Over Father's Day weekend, we went to a local farm that was hosting a Black and Blueberry Festival where we got to pick our own berries.We hit the blueberry patch (orchard?) first, because we knew we wanted more blueberries than blackberries. At first the kids didn't like it because the first of the bushes had really tart berries on them. Eventually we realized that we should taste-test the bushes to find which ones we liked the most. So it wasn't unheard of for one of us to shout, "HEY!!! I found a gooood one!" and a few kids would come running to help pick all the ripe berries. Here are my favorite pics.

Baby Boy lost interest in picking REALLY quickly, so he decided he'd man the wagon which worked well.

After the blueberries we chose to pick a pint or two of blackberries. These ended up making a GREAT cobbler, and I sorta wish we'd picked more...

And then the light was so pretty next to the car, I snapped SK carrying some blueberries.

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heather gilmour said...

How many berries :) I wish I was there :) Great that kids are helping.
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