Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I finally get to share a LO that, while it's not my favorite, is of one of my favorite photos. I created this LO as a part of a game called "layout tag" that is hosted over on the Noel Mignon MB. Basically it's like the game Telephone, but with layouts instead of secrets. There's an inspiration layout from which the first person finds uses to create her layout. Then she passes her creation on to the next person, who creates based off of that one. Then she passes it on, and so on and so on...Well it went through 14 people and 3 whole months before we finally got to see the final progression. You can see it here.

Here's the LO I did.
I got to "lift" Virginia! ;)

Autumn Girl

Now looking at it, I think I'm going to add some crystal swirls and accents, because it needs more schtuff. But I've been waiting so long to share that I just couldn't hold it in any longer.

Now I need to get offa here and go make some brownies for tonight!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 yrs. ago today...

...my baby girl was born! Caroline has brought so much joy, energy, and girliness to our lives, not to mention a fridge full of artwork! She's kept us on our toes with her curious and adventurous spirit, she's always up for trying something new, and she STILL has no fear (which worries me a lot)! But life would be too quite without her giggling, too dull without her nagging us to play hide-and-seek all the time, and too calm without her begging us to chase her around the house. She also keeps us chuckling with her almost-always-made-up knock knock jokes! She definitely adds the spice to our lives, and we love her for it!

And to celebrate, we had a Princess Tea Party birthday party for her yesterday. It was our first step into the birthday party world, so we kept it REALLY simple (as I still don't have a ton of energy) with only 2 little friends, but we all had a really good time! (Now ALL the girls want a tea party for their birthday party!)

A while back my good friend Virginia showed me this post about a princess party emphasizing what it is to be a REAL princess, God's little princess, and I loved it. In fact, it was the basis of our tea party yesterday!

So we dressed up:

painted toesies and fingers too:

made wands and necklaces:

and had a fabulous tea party!

Part of our tea party was talking about what it is and means to be a REAL princess. We talked about God being our Heavenly Father, how He is Lord and King of All, which as His daughters makes us His princesses. We read parts of Prov. 31 about being dressed in fine linens and being worth more than rubies. They liked that part. And of course we feasted on fun finger foods and birthday cake. It was a really great day!

To top it all off I got to scrap it right away! (Nothing like a deadline looming to get me moving! hehe!) Nikki Sivil's U R My Favorite line
and crown chipboard album couldn't have been more perfect for the occasion! I actually used the 6x6 paddie so that I could save my 12x12 papers for the Valentines Day goodies I've got planned! ;)

Here's a sneak peek at my mini. You can see the inside pages over on my post today on Nikki's blog.

Princess Tea Party

For the front cover, I did a little paper piecing action. First I trace the crown onto computer paper, and free handed the shapes I wanted to fill it. Then I cut those shapes so that they'd be patterns for the paddie paper. And voila! A paper-pieced crown out of patterned paper!

Well, that's about it for today. Off to eat birthday cake! :D Hope you've had a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shimmerz, a wonderful scrapping and embellishment company, is giving away some of their products every hour today!!! So I'm throwing my hat in the ring! :D

Monday, January 11, 2010



I'm so excited that my week to be featured as a Bella Blvd. Artista is finally here! I got the chance to play with their "December Details" and "Honey I'm Home!" lines and LOVED them! You can check out my projects on their blog which you can find here.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sightseeing dolphins!

As a part of their Christmas the girls got tickets for a dolphin sight-seeing tour. So on day #2 we set sail to see some dolphins even though it was extremely cold (especially on the water)!

ready and waiting

so so very cold. thankfully this pullover fit over her life jacket.

searching...She LOVED those "BEE-noculars".

finally, some are spotted. but they didn't hang around for long. :(

So we had snack time instead. And kept on waiting...

Then finally, FINALLY they appeared! hooray!

And this little one missed most of it since she fell asleep. :(

The rest of our week at the beach she kept asking to go on another boat ride.
Poor thing. I think she did end up catching a few glimpses at the end though.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jumping on the bandwagon

by sharing my top 10 layouts of 2009.

So in no particular order...

Tell Me

Lil Leaf Thrower

Baby Blues

Self-timed shots

Happy 4th

Spicy Side


Peek A Boo You


Gift of Family

Themes I spotted:
-Apparently, I like red. A LOT. usually paired with blue
-there are scallops on almost every single one
-Same goes for journaling spots
-there's sparkle on most of them too (or pearls)
-I guess I also met my goal of scrapping Sarah Kate more too

Monday, January 4, 2010

Home. Finally.

It's been our family tradition for at least the last 20 yrs. to spend the week after Christmas at the beach. I remember turning 11 down there, and this year I turned 31. Yikes! But it was such a nice getaway for several reasons. I really needed a break after this year's Christmas. This pregnancy I've been more tired than I remember being before, and I've felt so yucky that I really needed the break. In fact, I only touched the sand once, but I think I napped an avg. of 2 times a day. at least. And that was vacation enough for me! :D

The girls enjoyed the indoor pool of course. And Caroline hit a big milestone, she learned to swim!!! Woohoo!

Of course she could only keep her little face barely out of the water, but she did it well! She ended up swimming about 20 ft. away and then turned around and swam back! We're so proud of her, and excited for this summer!

SK also liked the pool and its innertubes.

She's a silly one!

Overall, a good trip. We also celebrated Noon Year's Eve, and went on a dolphin sightseeing trip. More on those later. Right now I've got to get back to the laundry. And I'm going to try to scrap some too! It's been toooooo long!