Monday, June 30, 2008

It's going to be one of THOSE kind of days!

Sarah Kate at 9:30 this morning.

Later I found the marker, and the tip had been chewed off! Yuck!
Makes me wonder why I didn't get the Crayola Wonder pens--the "magic" ones.
At least it was a washable marker. Thank goodness for that!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A few more fun pics!

We've had a fun, and crazy weekend! Lots got accomplished on the to-do list, Josh and the girls got some great QT in, and we were able to hang out as a family. Love those kind of weekends! I also came away with a few fun pics I wanted to share.

This first ones, I think that everyone has of their kids. And I could NOT pass up taking these pics of Sarah Kate. She's gotten in the very bad habit of running her hands through her "hair", and making a disgustingly cute mess! And she's so happy about it! Needless to say, every night has been a bath night lately.

Josh's parents came up Friday night, and I caught this cute one of them with the girls. LOVED how it turned out!!! It's so hard these days to get a picture with everyone smiling, and this one caught a natural moment, when everyone was laughing. It'll definitely be scrapped and framed! :D

And then this one Josh took about a week or so ago. All four of us decided to play paper football on the kitchen table after dinner one night, but then somehow I ended up with both girls in my arms. SK was turned and not looking at the camera, but I just adored the laughter on Caroline's face, so I cropped it. It's definitely another one of my favorites!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer book reviews!

Okay, so I've been a little bit of a slacker in the reading category lately. Usually summertime means all kinds of reading for me. But actually I just finished my first book of the summer, and I thought I'd give you a review (as well as my booklist for comments).

The book I just finished is called "The Land of Mango Sunsets" by Dorothea Benton Frank, and though the title sounds like it could be a little bit of a slease book, it's really not. It's about a middle-aged woman who decides to turn her life around after some unfortunate circumstances, and in the process she rebuilds her family. It's a book about connecting, and re-connecting, and honestly I finished it and wanted to call my mama. It's touching and sweet, but there were several occasions where I literally laughed out loud! (Josh thought I was crazy because I kept giggling.) And I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't state that there are a couple of "scenes", you know the ones I'm addressing, but they're tactfully and humorously done. Nothing too Danielle Steele-ish about them. Another reason I think I enjoyed this book is because it's set in NYC as well as the lowcountry of South Carolina. Having been to Hilton Head and other SC locales, I could envision the low country that she so beautifully described. I'm a southen lit kinda girl anyway. I like reading about places that I'm familiar with, as well as its culture. So while I didn't LOVE this book, it was an entertaining read, well written, and humorous at times. There. That's my 2-cents worth! :D

Now for my summer reading list. I'd love to know if you all have opinions and thoughts, or any recommendations know I like Southern lit. Okay, here goes:

*The Mermaid Chair (very popular, I know)
*Secret Life of Bees (also popular)
*The Kite Runner
*Waltzing at the Piggly Wiggly (can't resist that title :D)
*The Last Summer of You and Me (written by the author Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

So there you have it. My list. I know I've got some really popular books up there, but I also want some GOOD books. Not just to read them because everyone else likes them. That's why I haven't gotten into the Twilight series (yet). I just don't know if I'd like the whole vampire thing. But I'm sure some of you will try to twist my arm.

And lastly, this is my favorite book to read to Caroline right now. We get a book a month for free from the state of TN (thanks to a reading initiative started by Dolly Parton), and both the girls get a free one in the mail each month. THIS one came last month for Caroline, and I just LOVE it!

Mmmm,I LOVE Children's Lit! It's definitely my favorite thing to teach in school. Llama Llama Red Pajama is so cute with it's rhyming words, expression-filled artwork, and such a true true lesson. A synopsis is that Baby Llama gets tucked in bed by Mama Llama. She leaves the room, is doing dishes, and Baby llama decides he wants a drink. Sound familiar? When he doesn't get his way, he gets scared, pitches a fit, and finally mama comes back in to remind him that Mama will never leave him but has other things she must do too. (During the fit pitching, we always tell Baby Llama that he's being a "bad boy") But it's sweet, and endearing, and I love that I get to read with expression. It totally keeps Caroline's attention, and we both just adore it!

Happy reading!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random thoughts

I really don't have that much to say. I've been blog hopping again, and have gained some really neat insights, some are touching, others thought-provoking, and then there's one that I have to brace myself before I read. Here's what I'm talking about. I hope that they don't mind me linking their blogs here.

The first of these is Virginia's post today. First of all, of course I love her LO, but then I absolutely love and admire the honesty in her journaling. And that she can and has left that legacy for future generations by scrapping her thoughts, feelings, and most of all her desire to persue God and be pursued. So touching!

The second is Karen Russell's blog entry today (entitled 10 reasons). I always marvel at her photography, and wish she'd give me private lessons (for free :D ). But I really loved her list of 10. Very thought-provoking, and most definitely the reason(s) I scrap. Life's goes too quickly, and I want to perserve it all, not only so that I can look back but also so that I know that I'm capturing the moments--the little things that make life truly what it is. "Because she's two...because I don't want to look back with regret....because he needs the best of me...." love Karen's thoughts. She hit it dead on.

The third blog is one that I brace myself before I read, preparing myself (and allowing myself) to be ready to cry, to feel the pain that I try to suppress, but also to be blessed, and to be spoken to. It's Angie Smith's blog. She's not a scrapper, but an incredible believer and champion of the faith. She seems to be able put into words what my poor struggling heart can only groan and cry out, mumble at the most. She knows the pain of losing a child. She knows the pain of continuing to carry to term, and she knows the hope, healing, and mercy, and the graciousness of our Lord. I have a love/hate relationship with her blog, because it digs up the pain, grief, and hurt that I try so badly try to hide. But I also love it because someone else knows that same pain, is dealing with it, working through it, and is still seeking Christ for His healing.

So these are my random thoughts for today. 3 different blogs, 3 different inspirations sort of wrapped around the same theme--wanting to capture the little moments of life and stuff them in the Mason jars of our memory so that we can look back and experience them all again, and not forget. (Thus the name of my blog: Enjoy the Season. "For everything there is a season" Eccl. 3) It's in the every day where we're allowed to see God's goodness, His faithfulness, and His presence in the even in the pain. It is Christ who allows us such blessings, and consequently the pains, but in every way and in everyday drawing us closer and closer to Himself, seeking out each one of us for His own. That's why I scrapbook. I want to see God's hand in my life, celebrate the joys He gives me and allows me to be a part of, and to pass it on down through the generations. Pages that one day may be faded, ripped, eroded (because I don't use all acid-free stuff :)), but it's the message I want to pass on, the legacy of seeing God walk in the midst of our lives from the days where we eat Cheerios off the floor, the friendships we adore, the days were allowed to bask in the laughter of family, to the hurts of losing a child and the shattering effects it can have. But also how God heals the wounds and picks up the pieces. It's in the everyday that He's there, and it's the everyday that I want to capture. My little Ebenezers (or altars testify to His presence), Christ's legacy, passing down from one generation to the next.

Wow! That was deep. Deeper than I meant to get. But it's what's on my heart. I promise to be a more light-hearted soon. Guess I had more to say than I thought. hehe!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

More fun pictures, and a LO

These first 2 pictures were taken on our picnic with Josh in the park beside his office. He only gets Wednesdays off for lunch, so we try our best to "do lunch" with Daddy on those days. This past Wed. was especially nice, because there was NO humidity, and the day was so gorgeous. We went on a "nature" walk, saw a turtle, a snake (thankfully he didn't see us), and several wild blackberry bushes.

Then last night we spent the evening with friends at their pool, and it was SO SO nice! I can say that because I wasn't one freezing in the water (again there was no humidity), but it was such a treat for Josh to get to see Caroline swim. AND she's doing a GREAT job using her "kickers" (her feet), and her "scoopers" (her arms), to paddle wherever she wants to go, even the deep end. She even went off the diving board, but I missed it. BOTH TIMES! Why doesn't anybody tell me these things before they happen? No, instead they ask after the fact, "Did you see her go off the board?" NO. No one told me. But I promise you, my child has no fear. Last night, she tried to walk in without anything floaty-wise, and thought nothing of it. On top of that, she's so fast that all I grabbed was her elbow when she was on the 4th step, right before she was to go right on in, straight to the bottom I guess. But at the same time I'm glad she's not afraid of the water. We're around it too much for her to be scared of it. She just decided to scare ME instead! Anyway, here are a few pics I caught last night.

Swimming so confidently (and she LOVED chasing that duck).

Even Sarah Kate got in! We had to put mountains of floatation on her because she's so tiny, nothing really fit her. So we just kept adding more and more. Hehe!

And it really WAS cold when they got out! I LOVE this picture of Caroline!

And here's a LO I did for a scrap challenge. The challenge was to use scissors only. NO trimmers, cutting templates, nothing, just scissors. And honestly it was fun, fast, and I kinda like the way it turned out. I just wish I'd known when the deadline was. I was a wee bit late, because this deadline was earlier than the usual 12 midnight deadline. Oh well. I still like how it turned out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

some new pictures for ya!

Well, we've been busy. Busier than usual it seems. We've been doing the ballpark thing, and the pool thing too. Caroline LOVES to swim, and Sarah Kate is turning out to be just as much of a little fish as her big sister is. Both of them LOVE the pool and only want to get out when it's time for a "snack" meaning lunch. We do the ballpark each Tuesday and the pool on Thursdays, and I'm trying to set up a schedule for the other days of the week too. With gas prices so high, we've been hanging out at the house as much as possible, but I think we're getting cabin fever too if that's possible in the middle of the summer. But anyway, enough ramblings. Here are some pictures I've taken recently. They're fun, and I already have LO ideas running through my head (in case you doubted my addiction! hehe!)

This is Caroline and her Elmo purse. She stuffed it full of Goldfish "crackas" to go to the ballpark last night. (Thank you again, Aunt Sarah! Caroline loves it!)

I was so pumped when I got this shot of Josh hitting last night. Check out that perfect form! Looks like I was a milli-second late from when he actually contacted the ball (it's yellow). Although his first question was, "Was that one my hit or when I grounded out?" I don't know! I'm just snapping pictures!

My big girl learning how to swim!

And my little one loves it too! She just didn't understand the concept of a float, and just laying on it. Of course she wanted to crawl all over it!

And of course I have to throw in something "scrappy" to this post. This is the July kit at Simply Obssessed, and the reason I took so many pictures of Josh playing ball last night! It's definitely on the more masculine side, but I can't WAIT to play with it! I've got some "men" photos just waiting to be scrapped!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

SImply Obsessed GDT call

Would YOU like to be a GUEST DESIGNER for Simply Obsessed???

Well here is your chance to be our Guest Designer for July!!!!
Submit 2 layouts utilizing any challenge from our forum (they must be NEW layouts-meaning they have never before been seen or published, that you created just for this call). Must be an active member of our message board and post a minimum of 10 posts a day. Email your submissions to by Midnight Monday June 16th your time!

Friday, June 13, 2008

How Sweet

"How Sweet the Name of Jesus"

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
in a believers ear
it soothes his sorrows,
heals his wounds, and drives away his fear
It makes the wounded spirit whole
and calms the troubled breast
tis manna to the hungry soul,
and to the weary rest

Dear Name the Rock on which I will
my shield and hiding place
my never failing treasury fill
with boundless stores of grace

Jesus, my Shepard, brother, friend,
my prophet, priest, and king
my Lord, my Life, my Way, my End
accept the praise I lend


A couple of you know that we recently have been attending a different church, and truthfully it's been so refreshing, something I didn't even know I needed. Isn't it funny (or amazing) how God can even use our anger, and ill-guided intentions to draw us to Himself?! You probably have no clue to what I'm referencing, but just know that my intentions were not totally pure when seeking out a new church. But God used even the worst of my motives to gently bring me in, again.

The June 1st sermon was merely entitled "Worship", and in it Gary Purdy made a statement something to the effect that part of our worship is to stand naked in the eyes of God and let Him wash over us with his love and grace. Now, standing naked anywhere, even in front of my husband, is not a comfortable thing for me. But the picture is to stand in front of an Almighty, All-knowing God, bearing all our sin, and allow Him to receive us with grace, being washed clean because He wants to. He wants to heal us, wants to comfort us, wants to give us rest.

These thoughts have been resounding over and over in my head for the past 2 weeks(mainly the naked part) since I heard that sermon, which by the way you can download to an MP3 here. I can't get over the uncomfortableness of standing naked before a Holy God. That's so uncomfortable to show ALL my weakness, ALL my failures and then asking for forgiveness. I do so much to cover up my pain, my imperfections, just the fact that I hate to admit it when I'm wrong tells you how stubborn and prideful I am. So standing naked before a Holy and Just God is not some thing I really like the idea of doing.

But these last weeks, I've also really been struggling with my post-pregnancy body, hating myself and the way I look, hating to have to get into a swimsuit, but also little things like other blogs reminding me that I still hurt. I still grieve. I'm anxious and paranoid,lay awake at night in fear, and right about now I'm sure I'm sounding pretty "mental" (to steal from Ron Weasley). But it's true. All secret things that I'd like to hide, yet my "spiritual act of worship is to present myself as a living sacrifice to my Holy God" (loosely quoting Rms. 12:1) In doing so, I'm to stand before Him naked, bearing all my sin, my paranoid thoughts, my anxious tendencies, my irrational fears, my self-loathing, and my deep deep hurts. I've gotta lay it all out there, and let Him heal me. And the cool thing? That somehow is MY act of worship, to allow HIM to do this for me.

And that's where the song comes in. How Sweet the name of Jesus! That He stands in my place, takes the punishment for my sins, heals my hurts, understands my sorrow, brings me rest, and loves me more than any person can. How Sweet! Somehow that doesn't make my vulnerabilities seem as scary, or standing before Him so daunting. He's already loved me enough to stand in my place. I don't stand alone, but with Christ not just beside me but in front of me taking the guilt of my sin. I can just cower in His shadow as He approaches God for me. I can hide myself in Him, like a little kid who knows they did wrong and is shaking in the corner, afraid of punishment. Jesus is my corner, where I can go and hide, and instead He takes the punishment for me. He's the scape goat, and I just receive the benefits. The grace, the mercy that are so freely given. So it's with the confidence that I find in Him, that I stand. A confidence that knows I'm forgiven, knows that He knows my thoughts, my needs, my pain, and gives me rest. And I need it daily. I need Him every hour, because it's not easy. That confidence to stand in Christ is not something that is easy for me, but I know it's true. I know His message is true, and I know that He won't fail me even though I continue to fail Him. His love for me never ends. How Sweet the name of Jesus! He knows what I'm going through, and loves me all the still. O the deep, deep love of Jesus!

*Note: I did not write that song, I listened to it on my CD player 5 gabillion times trying to get the lyrics right. It's a praise song, and probably adapted from a hymn, that I listen to frequently. Since I don't have a playlist, I thought I'd just type it out for ya. I don't know any copyright laws, but I'm not trying to steal it. Just using it as a reference and as refreshment for me. I'm sure you understand.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more layouts

Well, I haven't really been up to a whole lot this week, but this past weekend I really got to scrapping. I stayed up Friday night until 2:30 in the morning watching movies and scrapping. I ended up watching 3 movies that night, and got 3 LOs done. Saturday night I was feeling the effects of the night before so I only watched one movie, and but got another LO done. Here's what I did (I may go back and edit a couple. I can tell it was getting late, and I was tired.)

"Paint with Rocks"

I did this one with a Becky Fleck sketch. LOVE the way it turned out!

"So very proud of herself"

I tried making ribbon hearts, and I like the pink ones, but I may go back and change the b/w ones. I see a giant HS flower going on the left side.


I had a blast making this one! I love shabby LOs! Although at the last minute I found a pink MME Bohemia piece of paper that I may mount it on. It blends in too much with my carpet! LOL! (and thanks V, for assisting in the photo editing dept. ;) :D )

Here's the title a little closer. I inked the paper, then used a Cosmo rub-on, then lightly inked it again.

"Sweet Pea"

I love these pictures of Sarah Kate, but when Josh saw this LO his first comment was, "Hey she's got a twin!" Yeah. And he didn't mean anything by it, but still. I can't look at it and not imagine my little Claire sitting beside her sister. So these will probably be made into 2 diff. LOs, not because it needs it but because I can't look at it and not tear up.

And that's about it. Sorry to depress everyone. Didn't mean to end on such a sad note, but that's life sometimes too. Hope everyone's doing well! Happy "hump" day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend update

Well, we really didn't do too much this weekend. It's nice to have days like that though. Yesterday we ran to Lowes and I picked out a paint color for my little scrap space. But then when I brought it home I realized that I'd have to clear out all my stuff, fill the holes left from the attempts at hanging the shelves, and scrape the ceiling,I gave up on that idea because I just wanted to scrap. Instead I moved my stuff to the coffee table. hehe! And I've been very productive too! 4 movies and 4 LOs! Sounds good to me! :) I hoping to get a little more time in tonight. Kinda feel like I'm on a roll, kwim?

Since the Event, I've been more cognizant of taking pictures during the week, and this weeke I got a few shots I really love!

Watering the garden

sidewalk chalkin' it up

someone was ready to get out of the pool granddad made us this awesome window seat, and when Caroline knows someone's coming over she'll wait for them.

You know, I've noticed that at this stage in our life all my pictures of Caroline are action shots or "doing" something (when I can catch her in the frame). Sarah Kate on the other hand is always sitting pretty, smiling, or in this case showing us her mad face. Must be the phase were in.

will post more layouts soon. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

New LOs up!

It's time to reveal the June Simply Obsessed LOs!!! i LOVE love love this kit!!! So fun with all the bold colors! I've got a couple more LOs I want to do with it, but I've gotta find the time. With all the fun summer stuff going on, like going to the pool, landscaping the yard, etc. I've been falling asleep early at night, which means not much scrapping going on. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend.

Well, without further June SO LOs and project:

Caroline at the Creative Discovery Museum

a close-up of the dimension (don'tcha just LOVE those colors!!!)

Her first "ball" experience, and a warm moment for mama. I didn't prompt her I promise! But all the warm fuzzy journaling is behind the blue tag.

I had SO SO SO much fun making this birthday banner! (See how to make one in the Simply Obsessed June newsletter.)

A tad closer so you can see the doodling.

And a wee bit closer.

Well, there you have it! I feel guilty for not being as personal on my blog lately. I promise I'll share more soon. I've caught some pretty funny in-the-moment pictures lately of the girls playing (cough cough destroying cough) the house. I'll post those soon. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Noel Mignon Summer Lovin' entry

I just love this picture of Caroline. The subtitle really says it all. She really is captivated (and mesmerized) by the simplest of things. She can play the entire morning just filling up her bucket with water and pea gravel. And she's totally in her element and the happiest kid on earth.

I did this for the Noel Mignon Summer Lovin' challenge, but it also fits into one of the challenges at Simply Obsessed. And I used a TON of Fancy Pants stuff, so I may even submit it there. Who knows? but I really had fun playing with the textures on this one. I liked the idea of contrasting some of the more earthly/rugged textures with the clear elements, and then the lace too. That kinda sums up Caroline actually. Loves playing, getting dirty, etc. but she's definitely got a little fancy girly girl in her too.

Here are some close ups:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Challenges are up!

With the new month, there are a bunch of new challenges up everywhere! First of all Simply Obsessed has posted their monthly set of challenges called Jump into June! Each Monday there will be a recipe challenge, and then later in the week a leftover challenge, so that you can catch up on all the great challenges from previous months. Secondly, Noel Mignon has posted a new Summer Lovin' challenge! I can't wait to play with that one! Heaven knows I've got a ton of summer pictures! I only took over 100 during Memorial Day weekend alone! LOL! And lastly, the new Color Story challenge is up! I love the shabby chic/vintage-y inspiration of CS5. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to work on that one too. I love how much inspiration is out there! Whether it's a recipe, a theme, a style, or even a sketch there's always something to keep me going! Gotta love that! ;)

Monday, June 2, 2008

LOs for Coordinates Collections

This month I was lucky enough to be selected as Coordinates Collections June Guest Designer. I got to work with the "High Heels" kit, which was so much fun to work with! I loved the fun Magpie letters, the Maya Road felt birdies, and the 7gypsies paper was perfect for some of the outdoorsy pictures I needed to scrap. And the project is for my niece Emma (thus the E). She's leaving for camp next week, and she wanted me to make her a "diary". These papers, and 7 Gypies stickers were perfect for the project! I handcut the chipboard cover, and embellished it with the 7 Gypsies goodies. I also added the Hambly frame, brads, and the dymo label.

Emma's camp journal

That Grandparent glow--my dad and stepmom with the girls at their lakehouse last summer.

Water Baby--Caroline last year. I promise she has NO fear! Yikes!