Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Everything I know is from HGTV

I think that I missed my calling in life as far as my degree is concerned. I majored in Elem. Ed. because I knew I loved children, liked working with them especially in Language Arts. But since graduating I've realized that I have a passion for interior decorating. I LOVE IT! Especially when I get to work with my mom. We call it "playing" with the house. (Some of my favorite moments with her have been when we're "playing".) I've jokingly told her to retire, she's also a teacher, and we'd start our own firm, J & D Design. Well, it's all been playful up until now.

I have a friend who's remodeling her kitchen and she asked me for some advice. She says I have "the gene". Guess where I got it? and my expensive taste? (haha, only joking, Mom) Anyway, she's consulted me on the tile selection, grout color, cabinetry, and hardware. I was afraid at first and kept telling her I didn't know was I was doing, that "everything I know I learned from HGTV." But she's been really pleased with all the decisions so far, and I've enjoyed giving my opinion. She even passed my name on to a mutual friend who was trying to pick paint colors. Being an impromptu decorator it's really gotten me thinking. Could I do this for real??? How would one go about doing design consultation from home? Can it be done with 2 little children? I may have to dig a little further. My design firm can be in the storefront next door to the scrapbooking store I'm gonna open! Ha! Ha! Yeah, right. Well, one can dream can't she????


Morgan said...

Sounds like SO much fun! I'm into decorating too, although I would be extremely nervous to do it for someone else. I can believe that you would be good at it, having seen your layouts. I think it's really an insight into your overall design ability, scrapping is really no different when you think about it! The end goal is the same, a cohesive look that's pleasing to the eye!!

Christina said...

Wow, how awesome!! I also think interior design would be a fun career choice how awesome to have someone else tell you they think your good at it too!!

MsGrace said...

that is really cool. Why couldn't you do never know where your life will lead you.