Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just settling back in

It feels like we've only just gotten back home when in fact we've been home for 2 days now. Thanksgiving was quite a whirlwind of excited family, yummy food, and traveling on the road. In all we ate 4 Thanksgiving dinners. That's a lot of turkey! But it was all yummy nonetheless. I did my best to take lots of pictures, and I'll share a few. We went to the farm (on Dad's side) and we went to J's parent's house. Most of the pictures were taken at one of the two spots.

My Grandfather bought this farm when he was a teenager. I thought it looked gorgeous with all the leaves changing colors.

This would be our Christmas picture if the girls were actually looking at the camera!

Caroline and her cousin Gracie. They're only 9 mos. a part, and just starting to play together. It's so cute!

Me with my baby! I can't believe she's almost 9 mo. old! Where does the time go???

And this is how we all felt when it was finally said and done!

Now that I'm feeling settled in, I just realized last night that we'll be out-of-town EVERY weekend in December. I guess it's a false sense of settled, then, because after these loads of laundry, I'll be re-packing everyone only to hit the road again! Sheesh! This time of year is CRAZY!!! But I wouldn't trade it either!


MsGrace said...

Awesome photos! I know the feeling about settling in we are in & out most of December as well.

Morgan said...

The photos are awesome! I like the Christmas one, even if the girls aren't looking!!

I know the "false" feeling, it's the same around here...

michelle lanning said...

Awe - love that family shot - still think you should use it - just beautiful land!