Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We've been invaded...

by the Disney princess syndrome! LOL! A dear friend and her sweet daughters thought that it was time that my sweet Caroline be introduced in the cult known as Disney princess! They were so sweet to induct her into the fan club by purchasing 6 pairs of plastic high-heeled princess shoes, which now my dear darling innocent daughter canNOT get enough of!

Every single waking hour of the day I hear clomp-clomp-clomp all over my house. And sometimes I get to witness the re-enactment of Bambi's first attempt at skating on ice as Caroline's knees buckling into a sprawl on the kitchen floor! It's hilarious to watch her play in her new high-heels. They're only about 4 sizes too big for her, but she loves them so! They have their very own basket in her room, and she tucks them in bed each night by covering them with a baby blanket (probably so her little sister won't see them the next morning! LOL!). And every waking moment of the day they're on her feet--even while they dangle as we attempt to potty train, even as we cross the street in the middle of carpool line on the way to volleyball practice, and yes, this Sunday she insisted that she wear Snow White (of the bright red persuasion) with her pretty little teal hand-smocked dress to church. I won out on that one though! She wore Snow White in the car, changed into her Sunday shoes in the parking lot, and then as soon as church was over, "'No White pincess sues" were the first thing she asked for.

Despite my sarcasm, it really is endearing! I love it! I was never the girly-girl that apparently my little one is. And it's fun to see the joy on her face as she clomps through the house!

The day she got them.

Doesn't she look so happy???!!!


On a completely different topic, you all probably know that the School of Scrap contest is going on over at Simply Obsessed. And I recently found this site, Yearbook Yourself, thanks to the Noel Mignon site. The whole point of it is to upload a picture of yourself, and then it'll show you what you may have looked like back in the day.

Here's me in 1960.

And in the early 90s:

Isn't that a riot!!!! I laughed hard when I saw that picture! And honestly, it looks a lot like one of my dad's old yearbook pictures! Too funny! Anyway, I thought I'd share. Go try it out! It's a ton of fun! :D

Hope you all have a great day!


Kasi said...

whoo hoo! Disney! Wish Emily would get a little more princessy, she's still my little tomboy. Which is fine, but man, I already have 3 boys!

Beth said...

I have a picture of Caris sitting on the potty, wearing nothing but her Belle high heels! She is so girly! And I love the 60's shot!!

Virginia said...

Love the picture of you! That's hilarious! You look pretty even with the hornrimmed glasses, though. :)

We have those exact same shoes... and the clomp clomp clomp... yes. It's really cute- and really loud. Hehehe

Michelle Lanning said...

Oh Deanna it is all downhill from there - LOL! But secretly I LOVE it! Have fun and enjoy it!

Oh love your picture too - fits you perfectly - hehe!

Heather said...

Bailey had those same shoes. Although she didn't wear them all the time like Caroline does! How cute though that she wants to wear them everywhere!!

Melanie said...

Caroline looks adorable with her new shoes. I love your description of the "Bambi" incident. lol

That 60s photo of you is like looking at mums generation. lol

AbbieTorroll said...

oh my, your daughter is SO cute in those shoes! Wanted to hop over and say "hello"! Saw you on SO!

twinsand2boys said...

Im loving the game at SO and the yearbook yourself was lots of fun!

Tab and Scott said...

That's my girl! Sassy!!!

**Nancy** said...

LOL!! You're in trouble now!!! My 5 yr old started at 3. I think her little sister will start sooner...thanks to her big sister! The photos are precious!

Susie said...

6 pairs!!??

I knew a girl who would only wear her minnie mouse dress to church, so it could be a lot worse.

Jennifer said...

Ahh, good 'ole Disney high heels...I know what you mean. Love those fun HS pics...I need to check out that link.