Saturday, September 27, 2008

A whole lot of randomness

It's been a really busy week, one that this mom of 2 toddlers isn't used to. I've been in the car a TON this week, back and forth to volleyball games. I'm definitely not in the life stage of "mom taxi" yet, but whew! It sure felt like it this week! My goodness that's a busy life! I don't envy anyone who has to spend most of their day in the car driving back-and-forth transporting kids and running errands. That's a busy life!

On the scrap scene, I've not gotten too much accomplished. Each night I've pulled my stuff out to work, spread it all out nice pretty and organized, then failed to touch it. I've either gotten wrapped up in the new TV premieres or fallen asleep on the couch! So I hope that today (with football) and tonight I'll get a lot more accomplished! I've got 3 different kits staring at me, and their gorgeous! I just gotta get to work. We also plan on to go to the County Fair this afternoon. (We have to watch our Rebs get assaulted by Florida first.) I'm excited about going to the fair. Hopefully, I'll get a lot of fun photos! Fall photo op season has officially begun as I bought mums for the front porch yesterday, so I'm ready to give my camera a workout! Now if only my girls will cooperate!

To finish off this otherwise random and boring post, I'll post some pics of the girls. They tend to behave better when Holly (our 10yr. old little friend) has her camera rather than when I have mine. Here's what she got:

Okay, so maybe not a WHOLE lot of cooperation, but at least they're both in the same frame looking in the same direction. That's better than what I can say for the time being!

Happy weekend everyone!

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