Thursday, October 23, 2008

Catchin' up

And I've got a whole lot of it do it! Yikes!

Well, since I last posted we took the girls to Boo in the Zoo, I was able to get some scrappy stuff finished up, and I finally took pictures of it all. So here goes the recap.

Boo in the Zoo was really a lot of fun! Both the girls dressed up. Sarah Kate was the most adorable pumpkin I've ever seen (of course I'm biased) and Caroline was a precious little USA cheerleader! Mommy even let her wear make-up (clear eye shadow), carry the Ole Miss pom poms, and put ribbons in her hair. Needless to say, she was beyond thrilled!

Sarah Kate woke up from her nap before Caroline, so the good scrapbooker in me promptly put SK's costume on and plopped her out front for a photo shoot. And I'm sooo glad I did! Here was my very first shot:

See? What'd I tell ya! The MOST adorable lil pumpkin ever! (warning: gushing mom here!)

I also captured these before it was all said and done:

Caroline of course would have nothing to do with the camera once she was dressed and ready to go, so I had to do a sneak attack of photos on her when we got to the zoo. They had great little photo spots, and I simply encouraged her to go over and pick up a pumpkin. I wish I'd had better lighting but here's the ONE decent shot I got of C in her costume. It sure is hard to capture an active 2 yr. old on camera!

And it wouldn't be a good Boo in the Zoo post if I didn't get one of them together watching the gorillas, the main attraction at the Chattanooga Zoo.

The grayback (or male) even came right up to the window. Even though the quality is horrible, I like this pic of him and Caroline looking at each other eye to eye.

Neither of them would go anywhere near the Dora or Elmo characters that were there, though they'd way and say hi from a distance. But overall we had a really good time. Something we'll have to do again next year, because it was fun for all ages!

On the scrappy side, I want to share another project I did with my October Crop Suey kit! This time I decided to make my own banner. They're very popular right now, and I really like how they add such a fun element to home decor. So of course I had to have one for Fall. But the 4 letter word "Fall" was just too tiny to drape all the way across my mantel so I went with "Autumn" instead.

The first thing I did was cut my pennants out of chipboard, then I covered them with paper. I decided to cover some HUGE BG chipboard letters with paper but then like the idea of a chipboard shadow instead. I went on to embellishing and this is what I got. Finally, to string the whole banner together nothing says Fall like some rafia, so I tied each piece together and voila! An Autumn banner that now adorns my mantel!

The banner in its entirety

And now some upclose pics

Well that's it for now. I promise I won't let so much time go between postings again. Actually I could post more now, but I'll save it for later. Hope you have a great day!


Virginia said...

Ok, she really IS the most adorable pumpkin I've ever seen... and that's one sassy & cute cheerleader too. ;)

LOVE the banner! I need to make one of those!

Beth said...

That banner is adorable! Love the girls' costumes~pretty cute!!!

AbbieTorroll said...

oh my! Those pictures of your girls are ADORABLE!!

Jennifer said...

LOVE the costumes. They look adorable! Love the banner and what you did with the eyes of the owl!!

Dahlia said...
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Sarah said...

SO cute. did I mention I have "banner" on my Christmas list? yep. I'm thinking maybe a "happy birthday" one. or, really whatever you wish. : )

Brandi said...

Super cute pumpkin and cheerleader! Love your banner!

Michelle Lanning said...

tthose pictures came out fabulous -- I love all the ones you got they are beautiful!!!