Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good weekend overall

I'm just now getting a chance to sit and type about the weekend, so sorry if it's a tad bit late. My girls are killing me with this naptime business! SK goes down perfectly, but C is at the stage where she's not "sweepy" so I let her play in her room. That's the rule though. She has to stay in her room and play quietly. Well, today after about an hour of being in-and-out of her room for various reasons, I found her in SK's room at 1:30. She woke SK up, so as punishment I made her lay in her bed. Of course then C fell asleep, and I'm left with a very awake and cranky SK who was woken up! UGH! So I've yet to really have time "to myself" to get anything done! Sorry, didn't mean to go into all that, but I knew some of you mommies would understand.

Anyway, we had a good time this weekend. Not only did we attempt a yard sale, but we also made it to the Ronald McDonald Autumn Children's Festival. Obviously the Children's Festival was much more fun, as we didn't really plan or organize a yard sale. We just threw stuff in our yard and stuck a sign out front. And though we didn't bring in as much as we'd hoped, we definitely got what we deserved having thrown it all together at the last minute. And it's nice that the attic isn't as clogged up with junk.

So after the yard sale we went to the Children's Festival, which is our way of supporting the local Ronald McDonald house. (We had to stay in one in Cincinnati when we were going through our ordeal with SK and Claire, so it's a charity close to our heart.) The girls did great! SK was too little to do most of the activities but she enjoyed the free Mayfield ice cream, and the inflatable slide. We also snuck her in to pet the pony in the petting zoo, to which she kept saying, "moooooo". Caroline painted a pumpkin, went through the entire petting zoo, jumped on her 1st moon bounce (after 4 attempts because she didn't like the feeling at first), rode her 1st horse, and also flew down the inflatable slide. We had a great time, and I of course was so excited to get some fun pictures!

SK enjoying her ice cream

painting her pumpkin

moon bounce

My big girl looked so little on that horse!

Fearless--but we already knew that!

I'm telling you that slide was STEEP! She went down it once with Daddy, then the next time, decided she didn't want to wait on him to climb the steps! She took off down the slide before he'd even reached the top. Seeing that he was no longer needed, he decided to take SK down with him.

Yes, she LOVED the slide too! Can't ya tell! Looks like we've got another daredevil on our hands!


Virginia said...

I love the pictures! That one of C on the horse is gorgeous. Can't wait to see that one scrapped!

Um, how cute is your blog?!!!

Jennifer said...

wow, such cute and cool pics!! Sounds like a fun time!!

Greta Adams said...

oh i love your pics and 2 daredevils is dangerous....i have one of each....a skeerdy cat and a daredevil...

love your blog background...very festive :)

Brandy said...

We're prolly going to hit up out Ronald McD one too, glad it was a blast!

Morgan said...

SO get the nap thing, grr. Ari is terrified of the moon bounce, he's been three times and we've had to leave each time! The girls are SO cute, love those slide faces. Sheer joy, can't get enough!!

Camille Young said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend. I can totally relate on the napping issue.
Reese seems to think that when she wakes up she needs to go and wake up her big brother (because 'doesn't the world revolve around me'?)

Take comfort...it's a phase!