Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A couple SK layouts and a thank you

I've been scrapping a lot lately and I finally get to share. Thanks to tropical storm Ida, we've had a LOT of rain that's kept me from taking pictures of my work. But not any longer!

I'm still working on "catching up" on Sarah Kate's pages. I do a really good job, I think, of taking just as many pictures of her as I do Caroline. Scrapping them is a whole different story. And so later in life instead of hearing "Mom, you didn't take as many pictures of me!" as most younger siblings exclaim, I'm going to hear, "Mom you didn't scrapbook as many layouts for me!" Sooo, I'm trying to remedy that. Here are 2 that happen to be 2 new favorites of mine.

For this 1st one, I called it "Tell me" because I want her to tell me WHEN she got so big!!! (I'm not a fan of the growing UP part of growing up.)

Sketch by Becky Fleck, but then I think I kinda deviated so far from it that I probably could claim it as my own. At what point can you do that? Whatever the case, I originally started out with her sketch in mind. The creative process just overtook it.

This one's "Grateful". I did it from a challenge over at Treasured Scrapbooking. It's a little simpler than I usually do, but then it also only took me 30 min. to do it! I just LOVE it when creativity hits, and a page just flies together! So fun!

Journaling reads,"SK-I'm so incredibly grateful that God chose to spare you from a horrific pregnancy and keep you as one of our family." Obviously there's a much longer story to that, but now's not the time. I don't have the emotional energy. But at this time of year when everyone says they're thankful for family, I always think of her and how thankful I am for her. Not that I love her more, or Caroline any less, I'm just exceedingly grateful. "...For He is faithful in all He does." Ps. 33:4

Speaking of faithful, on this Veteran's Day, I want to thank my grandfather John Frank Dail, for not only faithfully serving in our military, but also for serving his wife and family for so many years. Even as I type he's sitting at Grandmother's bedside. He's probably either sleeping or driving her nuts, but still. He's there. He's faithful like that. And there aren't enough words, and "thank you" just doesn't seem to be enough. But I AM thankful, and grateful, and very proud to be his granddaughter.

Thank you to all the other past and present servicemen and women out there too! Thank you for protecting our freedom!

Sorry to end in such an serious sentimental note. I hadn't intended on ending like that. But I hope everyone is have a wonderful mid-week! I'm looking forward to the Grove on Saturday! ;) :D (More on that later.)


Karen said...

How totally adorable is the "tell me" layout Deanna! And, the "grateful" layout is fantastic!
Hope you are having a great week!


Nadhrah Maidin said...

I really like the "tell me: LO. Love the color combo

Jenni said...

Such a sweet tribute! ANd your layouts are awesome--30 min...dang girl, you're good! =)

Lydia said...

Oh I love these layouts great use of the opaque jounalling spots and I love the OA! WOnderful

Dadoo's Wife said...

Your grandaddy is a STUD. He is my hero, too.

And, we LOVE (ALL) your little stinker pots :)
"He carries His lambs in His Arms.... carries them close to His Heart... He gently leads those who have young."

amen, amen, us too.

We love you!

Virginia said...

That "grateful" layout brought tears to my eyes... so sweet. Love it, girl! I don't mind when you get on a serious note. :)

Lisa Howard said...

Gorgeous layouts, Deanna! Love them both! As for the sentimental "stuff" you shared..thank you for doing so. I warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. Hope you are having a great week! xoxo L