Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little bit of tee ball

With the weather so nice lately, the girls have been really enjoying the front yard. They play tag, hide-and-seek, soccer, and the other day they brought out the tee. Yes, the chose to put a miniature soccer ball on top of it. But that didn't bother me (not yet anyway. maybe when they get older.)

And in case you didn't know this about me, I played (very) competitive fast-pitch softball all through my teen years. I also coached when we first got married until we had kids. It's my sport of choice, my biggest bond with my Dad--it was our "thing", and it couldn't make me happier to see my girls give it a try.

(I tried to keep the coach in me silent, and just let them play. I mean, they're 3 and 4. No use in coaching yet. So I picked up my camera instead. )

She's got good form for just picking it up and playing. I was also excited to see she chose to hit left-handed even though she didn't know she'd chosen it. hee!

Obviously, this one needs to grow a little bit. But she LOVES playing anything with a ball. She may be my sporty girl! :)

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Jana Eubank said...

Cute pics! And love the Dear Lizzy page with Sarah Kate below! Flowers definitely brighten a girl's day! :D