Thursday, April 22, 2010

The little old woman in me

is so excited that it's Spring. I see buds and blooms in the yard, and am anticipating more to come. And since it's Earth Day I thought I'd share.

These were in bloom a week or two ago.

These are blooming right now! And I planted more tonight! :D
I have both purple (from a friend) and also white (from my grandmother). *note to self: take pics of the white

I also have miniature Dutch irises from my other grandmother, but don't have pics of them either. Shame on me!

And I can't WAIT for these to come up! Peonies are my absolute favorite! I have four bushes already, and am trying to root a couple more.

These are especially sentimental to me because they're 4 generations old. They were in my great great grandmother's garden in Booneville, Mississippi. (Probably around the turn of the century.) How cool is that?! I love it!

So. Can you see a mini-album in the making? I can. I've been meaning to do a Garden Journal too. Of course I'd alter the front of it, but I want to keep a record of what plants are where and the stories behind them. Maybe I should get to work on those two projects. But right now I'd rather "play" in the yard. It's the little old lady coming out in me! (big grin)


Jason and Gretchen said...

My mom has a few garden photo books :) We had a "tree" from Jason's grandmothers property at our previous house and didn't think to get it before we moved. I love the flowers and their stories!!!

Susan Coish said...

Those are gorgeous!!! Great shots! It'll be a little while before we see flowers like that here yet! lol