Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer and a smile

This weekend I officially became a soccer mom.
Both the girls are playing, Josh is coaching, and I'm the team mom!
When we do something, we're all in!

Caroline did great, and really enjoyed it until she got "too hot".

Sarah Kate showed off her skills too.
But really, she did more of this.
At one point I even caught her putting the orange
cones on her head like they were party hats!

And then this morning I caught McClain's elusive-to-the-camera smile.
He's been smiling since last week, usually after a feeding. If
I smile at him, then he smiles back, and sometimes coos.
And here I said he wouldn't be a Mama's Boy!
Those smiles just kill me! He's got me wrapped already!
What is it about little boys that does that to mamas?
That's what we've been up to. Lots of soccer,
and cuddling with a smiley baby!

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Gretchen said...

hehehe total cuteness!!