Tuesday, February 15, 2011

7 mos. and looking back

sigh....my little guy is 7 months old today. Over half a year has gone by already. That makes my heart hurt a little. Guess that's one reason I scrapbook, so I can look back and remember.

Here's a picture taken when he was one month old (or there about). I had nursery duty at church for the first time since having him, and the worker in there with me was a *professional photographer* who just *happen* to have her camera with her that day. (Read, God knew I'd want to always remember my little one cuddling up with me in the rocking chair. And this was a precious little gift He gave me. It's something little but I'm most definitely thankful for it.) And so of course, I scrapped it. :)
"Content to Cuddle"

Where in the world have the last SEVEN months gone? I know I've said it before but I'll say it again. I'm SOOO not a fan of my babies growing up! Especially this one since I know he's the last. And it doesn't help that he's a momma's boy (which I secretly love.) I just don't like him getting SO big SO fast. Not fan. AT. ALL.

Now, please excuse me while I go finish off all the Valentines candy.


Kim said...

I got my issue of Scrapbooks Etc yesterday, congrats! on being published in it!!

jramsdell said...

What a cute picture and layout, love the colors you used together. Babies grow up fast mine are 24, 28,& 31. Thanks for sharing.

CarrieAnne said...

I just stumbled on your blog - your artwork is wonderful! I have spent a pleasant afternoon combing through your creations. I particularly love this layout, my own son is almost 5 months and growing up to quickly!


gülgün said...


gülgün said...

hello deanna, my name is gülgün.ı am from turkey. ı like yor blog and your children are very sveet.ı have got twin children ,three years old.see you later.if you write to me ı will very happy.see you later.

Jodi said...

I so hear you Deanna!!! taylor is 7 1/2 months now, and I swear she is getting so big way to fast!!!