Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!

Yes, today's National Scrapbooking Day! I hope you all are having a great one! As a part of celebrating the day, the girls at Bella Blvd. are sharing pictures of what their scrap rooms look like.

*I* have a super small scrap space. In case you don't know, we live in a little 1950s bungalow, and let me tell ya, the builders hardly built closets much less a place to create and craft! SO with a little help from Dad and Josh, we took out a half bath that was in our laundry room (who puts a bathroom in with the laundry anyway?!) and converted it into a little space for my supplies.  I use it more as a storage space than anything. Usually while I'm scrapping I like to watch a movie or TV shows, so I usually bring everything out to our coffee table. Oh, and my dining room table may or may not have a few (ha!) supplies on it too. lol!

 Anyway, here's my space.
 The "table" is actually laid on top of a would be functioning sink. I keep a lot of my little supplies on the wall shelf away from little hands. Chipboard, adhesives, embossing supplies, etc. are in the cubes. Those are my embossing folders in an old CD holder next to my Cuttlebug. The black basket holds my punches. I have another that's on the dining room table. And my completed cards are in the far corner, standing up in a Tupperware.

Probably the most functional organizational tool I have is my 2-tiered Clip-It-Up that holds most my Thickers, mini alphas, and embellishments that are still on their cards. I love that I can spin it and find stuff really quickly. It also helps me because I like to SEE what I have. If it's put away (neatly in its place of course), I forget I have it. The bins below hold miscellaneous stuff like things to be altered, my one unfinished December Daily, a bent sketch pad (lol!), and my binder of stamps. This is one area I really could improve on. There's so much space that's not being utilized.

My favorite part of my scrap room is the yellow post-it note on the wall. It's from my husband. He stuck it there just after we'd finished converting the space and it says, "You are so very creative and inspirational through your pages". So yeah, I kept it. It's not moving from that spot.  He's a keeper too! :D

Thanks for letting me take you on a little tour of my "room". :)

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

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Sherri said...

So great to see your space D. I've been meaning to share mine for about a year now, guess I should get on it, lol.