Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter 2014

This year for Easter we once again went to the lake to be with my mom and grandparents. It's just easier for everyone to go there since my grandparents can't drive. SO after church we loaded the kids up and drove an hour or so up to the lake. After we ate, the kids, mainly Caroline, insisted on going fishing. So that's what we did. It was Mac's first time to really attempt to fish, so I mainly snapped his pics. His facial expressions were hilarious since at 3 he's not very patient. Then my lens broke.  As in died.  So I don't have pics of the egg hunt. :(  Nor do I have pics of the kids with their grandparents and great grandparents. :(

But here's what I DO have in pictures.

The kids were coordinating. Caroline's skirt is the same gray chevron as SK's dress.

He wouldn't stay still long enough for me to snap a true portrait of him. So it is what it is. Oh well.



Sweet Daddy came to the rescue to help his boy out.  Too bad Little Boy wasn't too keen on taking instruction.

And then my lens broke. :( So I don't have your typical Easter pictures, but I'm happy to have these. Now we can't wait to get back up to the lake when the fish are actually biting.

Stay tuned because tomorrow I get to share my very first layout with my new Noel Mignon kit! I'm still pinching myself that Noel asked me to be a part of the team.

Happy Thursday!!

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