Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Post For Mom.

Mom complained, in the nicest way that she could, that I hadn't posted many pictures of the kids lately. I try to keep it balanced--kids/life, and scrapbooking. But when I talked to her last night on the phone she said, "You changed your format on your blog." (which I thought she was talking about my background template, but no.) Instead she followed it with, "It's all scrapbooking now." Oops. Guess I lost the balance. Sorry Mom. ;)

So here's a few more "everyday" shots from around the house.

This is a most definite "everyday" shot. This girl (hanging and shaking my head) THIS GIRL, would prefer lip gloss and make-up to anything else in the world. And she's wears it EVERY. DAY. she can.

This was me playing with catch-lights in Little Man's eyes. It was a warm sunny Spring day (which today is NOT), and so we sat and watched the girls play in the backyard. And I played with my camera.

And lastly, this is typical "everyday" Caroline--ballerina pajamas that are too small but she loves them and wears them anyway, crazy morning hair, and silly cheesy smile. Yep, that's her. But check out the cool PlayDoh creation she made that's in the background. My girl likes to create. (Wonder where she gets that? grin.)

So there ya go. Some everyday life from 'round here. Today I think we're all going a bit crazy. Tooooo much rain, not enough outings/outside time. It's rained every day since last Saturday. And it's been cold. ugh. So to say we're ready for Spring to be here (and stay) is an understatement! Warmer weather, no mosquitoes or humidity(yet), just pretty days when we can leave the windows open, sit outside and read while the kids play...Hurry up Spring!!!

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ellen s. said...

hahaha. they always win, don't they!

these are the cutest pics!!!! :) made me smile for sure!!!!