Friday, January 18, 2008

Long time no see...

sorry about that. I don't know about you, but I've been busy! It seems like Christmas flew by, then we went to the beach for a week, and then there was just mountains and mountains of laundry to do! Lately I've been preparing for Caroline's b'day party, which is tomorrow. Even though it's going to be a very laid-back party, I've been running around like crazy trying to get things done. I've put off cleaning the house until the very last minute. Otherwise it'll just need to be re-done. But there's been errands like crazy. That coupled with the fact that the girls are now playing together, kinda keeps me on my toes.

Lately I've laid in bed and chuckled to myself at the quotes I'd said throughout the day. Things like, "No, no. Don't feed your sister rocks!" or "Quit eating paper" (to Sarah Kate) and then "Quit feeding her paper!" (to Caroline after realizing what had really occurred). Like I said they keep me on my toes.

Yesterday, Caroline officially turned two. She's been two in spirit for quite some time now, but we're seeing a nurturing quality in her too. She often runs to find Sarah Kate's passy when the baby's crying. She's been carrying her baby doll everywhere she goes, even holding the doll up to the car window saying "look. see? truck. car. tree. see?" It's just so cute! She even puts the doll in its carseat carrier and puts it in the crook of her arm the way I carry Sarah Kate. It's really endearing. I think she's got a tender heart, just sometimes her stubborness gets in the way. (She got it from her momma, what can I say?) Kind of a reality check that she's watching me so closely. The verse about "being imitators of God" comes to mind. I want her to be a Godly woman, and she's gotta learn it somewhere. That somewhere is me. Kinda scary, kinda exciting. But her turning two is bittersweet, just like every birthday will be I guess. Glad she's growing up, but then I don't want her to grow up either.

Last night Dad and Kathy, Katie, and my grandmother all came up to celebrate. They won't be able to come to the party, so they brought cupcakes. A word she learned quickly! She REALLY liked it when we sang "Happy Birthday" and she even blew both her candles out without any prompting! I was so proud!

I'll leave you with some pictures. Trying to get back up to speed. Christmas. Beach. Snow. Birthday. I hope I can fit them all in. We'll see. Sorry I've been neglecting blogger. I'll try to do better. And sorry for the long post, but I wanted to catch up to speed.


Morgan said...

So glad you're back in the blogging world, we missed you! I hope Caroline's party goes well, this weather is pretty crazy huh!

bruinbr said...

i'm sure the party was a blast! how cute is that last pic with the cupcakes too! :)

Michelle Lanning said...

love those beach photos - amazing! And happy birthday to Caroline!!!