Friday, February 15, 2008

It was a good day!

Yesterday was a lot of fun even though my dinner plans got a little messed up. (We're doing them tonight instead, so everything's okay.) BUT here's a quick peek at all the goodies we dove into after dinner. Josh is sooooo good to us! What a man! I love him more than I tell him--I need to do better at that. And I should show him too. But anyway, the girls LOVED their stuff! The big hit was chasing the ladybug around the kitchen table and floor. It's a drawstring pull and then it wiggles around. Both the girls got them, but I can't find Caroline's. Go figure. She's been playing with it today some too. Hope everyone had a great V-day! I know we sure did!

All our gifts and cards

My prince charming sure knows how to treat me good! We sampled the truffles in usual fashion (half each). Our favorite last night was the strawberry cream in white chocolate. Yum! And inside the journal, he'd written a love note from him, and then another from the girls in their "voice".

What a sweet Daddy! He loves his girls so much!

That's the best I could do as far as photography goes. She was wiggling and waving so much, I couldn't really get a good shot.

This one on the other hand, loves to smile and pose (or she doesn't know better yet!)I can't believe how MUCH she looks like Josh too! It's uncanny!


Michelle Lanning said...

How precious!! Those are the perfect Valentine Pics!

bruinbr said...

so sweet!! :) what a wonderful dh you have! :)