Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Easter treat!

Last Easter post, I promise. Well, I think so at least! lol! This weekend when Mom was here we found ourselves with a little down time with the girls were napping. So taking full advantage of Mom's baking skills, I quickly suggested we try making some cake pops (again) with the half chocolate cake I had left over. We were quickly consumed in all things confectionery (is that a word?!), but I'm so happy to say that we finally came up with suitable bunny cake pop to pass out to all our friends at church the next day! Yay! Thanks Mom! It was really fun to work together like that! :D

Our final masterpieces (don't laugh. well I guess you can since i won't be able to hear you!):

Chocolate cake with vanilla icing bunnies
dipped in white chocolate. Yum! :)


Jenni said...

THose are adorable Deanna!!! I wanna make some that look like pigs!! =)

Mara... said...

Those came out SOOOO cute Deanna! Great job!!

Lyn said...

I had been waiting to see how they'd turn out! They are stinkin adorable! Great job!