Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Woohoo! It's the Serendipity Reveal!!

Wow! It's been a while. Life has suddenly gotten really crazy. Not really sure why except that it's been raining for far too many days in a row, and I'm almost positive that my backyard will NEVER dry out! (Thanks red clay.)

Anyway, despite the maddness, I've actually been doing a lot of scrapping. I just have been able to share them with you for one reason or another. BUT today I get to share with you my projects from this month's Serendipity Scrapbooks kit! Woohoo!

I received the 'Just Enough Please' April kit, and let me tell ya, I couldn't get enough of it! It's packed FULL with Dream Street and My Mind's Eye papers, as well as whole packages of buttons, flowers, rub-ons, and thickers! Wowee! So I had a blast playing, and I can FINALLY share! :D *click on picture to enlarge*

Isn't she lovely!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Caroline, and I snapped it at a McDonalds of all places. She'd just turned 3 a few days before it was taken.

Potty Training?

Another favorite pictures of mine. Perfect for this paper, and oh so very Caroline! I mean, if I had to capture her personality in a picture, this just might be it! LOL!

PB & J

Yes it's true. I will not be winning mother-of-the-year accolades because she DID eat a PB & J almost everyday for lunch last summer. (And yes, that's the same pj top as the Potty Training LO.)

Sleeping Beauty

Captured the day I couldn't find her anywhere in the house until I noticed she was asleep in the tent she'd gotten for Christmas.

Dancing with Cinderella

Completely inspired by the Steven Curtis Chapman song by the same name. I can't hear that song without tearing up if not full out crying. And it's so very much where we are right now in life--surrounded by all things Princess. The minute Josh walks in the door, she's begging him to dance with her. So I used the lyrics from the song as my journaling. I also used the blurred photos on purpose, because they're actually dancing. I wanted the blurred twirling motion, but also to remember this stage in our life.

a birthday card

This one's already been given out. My sweet grandmother (who lives on the farm) turned 80 last week. She doesn't look it at all! As a matter of fact, I was shocked when she told me that's what she'd be! She still "goes" like crazy all over the south, and really there's not sign of her stopping any time soon! ;)

So those are my projects. And now you see how wonderful the April "Just Enough" kit is too! It's really MORE than enough, as I still have some leftovers.

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Lisa T. Howard said...

Wow! You certainly got some fantastic layouts out of that kit! I must say, while I love them all, I adore the potty training LO! What a cutie she is! Thanks for sharing. Here's to future sunny skies and dried out red clay! lol!