Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A day of baking and costume fun!

Yesterday was cake pop day! I went over to the H's to try my/our hand at making cake pops from Bakerella's site. I had 2 terrific helpers, and they dug right in!

They were such troopers! We did great up until it came time to dip the balls into the almond bark. The balls wouldn't stay on the sticks, then we did it without sticks, and the bark was too thick....but who cares, right? What did happen was that they were super yummy treats! Before they were even finished drying, someone's hands were plucking them off the wax paper! We had 3 very eager taste testers, and soon they're weren't any, or hardly any, left!!! WE must've done SOMEthing right! hehe!

And while we were in the kitchen, apparently Caroline was arranging her own fashion show of costumes. First was the "pink princess dress", then the "white princess dress" (as she explained to me later), then she and Baby Kate wanted to be ballerinas. LOL! These are just a few of the pics that were taken of them by whoever picked up my camera at the moment.

the pink princess dress (apparently no one got the white one or the ballerina outfit)

Don't freak out Mom that Caroline's that tall. She's standing on a stool, and the dress is WAY long on her.

Somewhere along the way Sarah Kate became a gypsy.

And she's inherited her sister's knack for not looking at the camera! grrr!

Overall a very fun day! Can't wait to do it again! :D


Travis and Amber said...

what? no pictures of the cake pops? I'm so disappointed!

Dadoo's Wife said...

It was so fun baking with you Mrs. Deanna! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you again!!

Anna and Holly