Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Awkward Years

Yep, I went through them just like the rest of the world. And when we were at Grandmother's house for Memorial Day I found that she'd kept almost everyone of my school photos as proof. I quickly stole them, or rather I told her I wanted them, so they wouldn't resurface at some family reunion or come filing out of her wallet accordion style. Whatever the case, I got them from her to save myself some embarrassment. But then the scrapbooker in me kicked in. Ugh! Sometimes I hate it when that happens. My inner-scrapper kicked in though because it knew that if I didn't scrap those photos, I'd lose them. It's inevitable. I lose things daily. Last night it was the new book I bought. Yesterday at the pool it was SK's swimsuit (Good thing she still wears swim diapers!) But it just a fact of my life. I lose things, and I'd lose these photos too. So I scrapped them. Here I am in all my awkward glory. My school photos from 5th, 7th-10th grade. Looks like Grandmother already lost my 6th photo (sighing in relief)!! Guess it was too hideous to display! lol!

Braces in 7th grade, that I didn't get them off til the day of the Christmas Dance in 8th grade (and I spent the entire day/dance licking my smooth teeth). I was also a BIG TIME tom boy, not too much has changed. And check out that multi-stripe Polo with the white denium Guess shorts! Oh yeah baby! Gotta love it! I'm sure they were rolled up too! ;)

I used Jana's sketch she made for Noel's challenge for this one. You should check them out!

And a quick reminder. Don't forget we're celebrating Urban Anthology's birthday this month! The first challenge went up yesterday! :)

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Jennifer said...

I have to say, I have been LOVING you layout so much lately! Another fab one!