Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Loving some Cosmo Cricket

Yes, it's true. I DO love me some Cosmo Cricket! It's perfect for the photos of my kiddos, and I love how it's distressed yet bold and colorful. So totally me, which is why I love to design with it. I'm anxiously awaiting a couple of kits that are packed full of their "Early Bird" line and I'm sad that I can't share those creations that are yet to be made with it. I have a feeling that "Early Bird" will be my favorite line yet! So instead I'll share a few LOs I've done with other Cosmo Cricket lines and continue to stalk my postman for those kits.

(And in case you have no clue what I'm talking about, Cosmo Cricket is a scrapping manufacturer who has put out a call to show them your best/favorite Cosmo creations, which is what I'm doing.)

So here goes..

"Little Swimmer"


My sweet Caroline having the time of her life at the lake last summer. Yes, the water really is that green, and completely clear. I used the "Snorkle" line with this one, popped up some "bubbles" and stitched the circles.


One of Caroline gleefully playing with bubbles. It's made with a combination of "Hello Sunshine" and "Cogsmo" plus buttons, ric rac and a row of pom poms for good measure (and texture).

"Summer Bliss"

Yet another one with "Snorkle" because I have sooooo many lake photos, and this line's just too perfect for them!

"Embracing 30"

Me. duh. This past year I turned 30, and once I hit the milestone I realized that it's not really as "old" as I thought, that there was SO much life still ahead of me. It's made with the "Hello Sunshine" line as well.

"Slip Slidin' Away"

Another one I made with a kit that had some "Snorkle" line mixed in with it.

Well that about sums it up! I'd be beyond THRILLED to make this team, but even if I don't I'm still gonna love me some Cosmo Cricket!


ellen s. said...

good luck! they are fabulous. i love the bright colors and the photos you used. love that line, i never got my hands on it and still wishing i did.

Eva said...

Fabulous work, girlie...Good luck to you...I love their papers, too, they are just so yummy!!!

Jenny said...

Beautiful layouts!! You are inspiring me to get up off this couch and play with my scrapbooking goodies...but, I don't have the energy. lol

Gretchen said...

love it all D!!
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

deana said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Good luck with the DT call! :-)

Shirley said...

Awesome stuff and your girls are so cute! Good luck and I'd bet on you any day!

Claude said...

Good luck! Your work is beautiful!

Michelle said...

Beautiful layouts! Good luck :)