Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming to an end

This season's coming to an end. And while it's had its challenges, I still love coaching. The girls are super sweet, and I hate that we're just now coming together here at the end of the season. Today we quite possibly play are final 2 matches. If we win both of them then we'll continue in the tournament, but if not, then we're done.

I took a brief second to practice on my sports photography during JV warm-ups, and I was happy with a few of the shots. These are of my setter and co-captain Liz. Her mom's my assistant, and so I have permission to put these up. I have more of the other girls too and hope to make a LO about the season soon.

Wish us luck!! Fingers-crossed for an exciting finish! ;)

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Joy-N-Jesus said...

very cool! I found your site through Color Me Daisy and I am so blessed you too are a Christian, a scrapper (obviously), and a coach! How cool! My hubby and I both Love Jesus, we played sports in college, and now he is a AD, so I have a great appreciation for coaches and the time and effort they put into impacting the kids lives and game! Good look to your team! Pray God's best for you all! blessings!