Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cousins and more

I've been posting a lot of scrap stuff lately, and while I really love the creative process and sharing my stuff, I don't want to forget all the other stuff too, ya know? So here's a little of what we've been up to.

A couple of weekends ago we went to a cousin's wedding where all the little cousins got to hang out. We felt like ours were too little to go to the actual wedding (and we wanted time to ourselves) so that sat that night out, but got to chill with the rest of their cousins the next day.

First of all, these 3 crack me up!

There's less than 2 yrs. between all 3 of them, and we're still figuring out the pecking order. So far I think Gracie's top dog.

That doesn't stop them from getting in to stuff, though.

Emma's always been the more protective one, so happy to see her little cousins.

And Adin was eager to help read a story.

And all five of them make such a good looking bunch!

Missing one you might ask? Yep. He punked out on us and went to the ballgame with his Daddy (which is someplace we all secretly wished we could've been too.)

But then each one was willing to let me take some individual shots of them. Can I just say how much EASIER it is to shoot a subject that actually LOOKS at you!!! Or better yet asks, "Hey Aunt Dee, I got another pose. Will you take a picture of me like this? How bout this? And this one too!) Ahhhh, much better. Someone who'll look and smile at the camera simultaneously!

My all-too-willing model would be Emma

But Gracie did her fair share of it too.

I had to ask (ahemBEG) Adin to let me take some of him.

And finally, StinkerPot let me get one of her. (rolling my eyes)
Some days she can be so opposed to the camera! Sheesh!

But at least she let me take some. SK wouldn't even let me do that. I had to catch hers on the fly.

But overall a very fun weekend! It's always good to catch up with the fam.

And one last pic. One of my faves, I think. The wedding reception was at THE Club, which is very swank in a Sinatra kinda way, and it overlooks B'ham. Even though it was getting dark, I passed my camera over so I could get a shot of me with my handsome date! :D

Fun weekend indeed!


Jenni said...

OMG, your youngest has seriously grown up so much!!!! Love the cute pics of your kids and their cousins--my kids LOVe to get together with their cousins too! Loving all your scrappy stuff...I think I'm about ready to dive back into it again soon...was noticing the DT call at Color Me Daisy...did you enjoy your year there??

Gretchen said...

funny, Lee is going to clean THE Club this morning. i hope yall didn't leave it too messy. :)
great pictures!!