Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow! We got SNOW!!!

We woke up Saturday morning to a (thin) white blanket of SNOW! We never get snow, so it was such a treat to wake up to its beauty and get bundled up and play! (And I'm not going to apologize for the MANY snow pics. I never get a chance to take snow pictures!) We actually had other plans for Saturday morning, so we had to squeeze in some snow play before we headed off to our breakfast with Santa.

Caroline, of course, absolutely loved it! We had to hold her back from getting soaking wet before breakfast. My favorite quote from her was, "It's snowing! It's Christmas! It's snowing!" (And then later when it melted she sighed, "Awww, it's not Christmas anymore. The snow's melting.") We're working on straightening that thinking out.

Little Bit, however, wasn't as sure about snow as her big sister. It reminded me of the 1st time you put a baby on grass...she just didn't know what to think of it. And she definitely didn't understand what all the squealing was about.

She warmed up to it a little before we left, but not much.

After our breakfast with Santa, we headed over to our friends house to sled down their hill. Of course, by that time the snow was already melting. But hey, we did what we could!

Yes, it was a fun, fun day! And a good nap with a fun TIDE football game later on made it all the better! Oh, and as the snow started to melt, Sarah Kate decided she LIKED the snow.


Aphra said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, as always, Deanna! You all looked to have a good time. Wish we would've tried sledding...didn't even think of it.

Heather said...

Cute pics! Some of my poor kids haven't ever played in snow! Maybe this year we can find some and fix that! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Brandi said...

Cute!OL! The other day it briefly snowed here and when it was over Drew thought the same thing!

Brandy said...

Trust me, I know the feeling of never getting snow and having to take an epic amount of pics for the five minutes it's there! Glad yall had fun

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