Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving recap in pictures

So I'm a wee bit behind. Since Thanksgiving we've been busy hanging out with family, getting our Christmas decorations out and up, and preparing for the Advent season. So here's a quick rundown of Thanksgiving day, which we spent in Calhoun, GA at Josh's aunt and uncle's house.

The (bigger) kids' table

I can't find the picture of the littlest kids' table. No, come to think of it, the littlest kids wouldn't stay still long enough for me to GET a picture.

Em and SK (my fave shot of the day)

And then we hung out on the backporch most of the afternoon, so these photos are of the people who were out there with us. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of everyone who was at the Plummer family Thanksgiving. And while editing I realized that I didn't even get a shot of Grandmother and Pop. Sad. But in total there were 20 adults, and 9 kids who ranged in age from 11 yrs. to 19 mo. (And usually there's more of us.)

Emily and Tim (minus their kiddos)

Josh and Bobby

Sharon and Sarah cuddling under a blanket

Sharon and Aunt Sandy

Not the greatest shot, but I love that it captured the laughter.

Quite possibly a new tradition of roasting s'mores on Thanksgiving.

Ben and Mike

Except this is what happens when Aunt Sandy makes her own marshmellows.

They melt in your hand. literally.

And one little girl is very confused and disappointed because she's sticky. "Heeey! This isn't how marshmellows do!"

Daddy made it all better.

We're thankful for such a large family. It's always a lot of fun when all the cousins get together and start telling stories! :D Thank you Aunt Sandy and Uncle Tommy for hosting such a wonderful family get together!