Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Game Day!

Do we have a cute little lucky charm? Who knows, but at this point we're willing to do just about anything. Our team's grasping at straws right now. SO, we're trying to cheer the Rebels on by dressing out our lil guy for the first time this year. Maybe that'll help?!

So here's the little guy wearing a Eli Manning jersey in hopes that it brings our team good luck. I guess he grew faster than I expected, because the whole thing's looking too small. OH well. He's still wearing it today.

I've also prepared our traditional game day food. It's a lot of dips and appetizers so that it can be snacked on throughout the whole game. Today we're having corn dip with Fritos chips, spinach artichoke dip and pita chips, and a little somethin' we borrowed from Taylor Grocery in Taylor, Mississippi. It's hands-down our favorite catfish place. (Taylor, MS is also the home of the actor Morgan Freeman. ;) ) Anyway, we are snacking on a barbeque sausage plate which consists of turkey sausage, cubes of Colby cheese, toothpicked together and dipped in barbeque sauce! A gameday staple we borrowed from Taylor Grocery. Delish!

And since I'm late in getting my post up, here's the fam gathered around the TV for kickoff. And for the record, Caroline is NOT, I repeat N.O.T., in a Tennessee orange outfit. That's her Upwards soccer jersey from last year that she dressed herself in at that crack of dawn this morning. But I LOVE that the girls are taking an interest. I remember doing that with MY dad too. Special times and good memories, I tell ya.

So here's to hoping that with a baby boy all decked out in his Ole Miss apparel and a coffeetable filled with the gameday spread, our team can pull out a big win against Georgia. Maybe. Possibly. Here's to hopin'.

Happy Game Day everyone! :D
Hotty Toddy!

ETA: Well, at least he looked cute and we ate good! Not a win in sight for this team I'm afraid. :(


beckyjune said...

So fun! I thought I recognized that Upward jersey. We were so happy to see the blue and green ones this year :D

Jason and Gretchen said...

Not a fan of the team, but LOVE the team spirit. ROLL TIDE!!!!

Carol said...

such little cuties!!

Pam said...

Gosh he is SO cute!! We watched a little bit of football on Saturday (watched FSU lose, boo.) but we didn't have the yummy snacks. Maybe this weekend:)