Friday, November 18, 2011

A decade later

Ten years ago today I married my sweetheart.

A decade sounds like a long time, but where did all that time go? It's honestly gone by so much faster than I dreamed possible. Maybe it was the lack of sleep that began about 5 years ago and we haven't caught up yet. hee! Regardless, it's been quite the ride. And although there have been major ups and downs, the Lord has blessed us. He's blessed us more than we both deserve. And His patience and faithfulness have most definitely seen us through.

There's so much I love and admire about Josh. And it's the little things that I think I love most. I love that he can name all the Disney Princesses and isn't afraid to admit it. I love that he regularly does the bedtime routine, including reading bedtime stories and going over memory verses with the girls. I love that when he's home, he's HOME, present with us and in the moment. I love that we text and email silly, mushy, little sentiments almost every day. And I appreciate that he loves to surprise me (even though I don't like surprises).

And it's the little things like the fact that he's going to see Breaking Dawn with me this weekend rather than watching the Ole Miss/LSU game. (We know how that'll end anyway.) But usually he'd still like to watch it. He's the eternal optimist. Always has hope. Even when it comes to this year's football woes. But instead he's chosen to go to the movies with me. Because my usual Twilight-movie-premier-goer-friend moved to Florida last year. And he doesn't want me to go alone. I love that about him.

Happy 10 yr. anniversary, babe. I love you!


Jason and Gretchen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Danielle said...

Happy anniversary Deanna! Love the words about your DH and your marriage, true love!!

beckyjune said...

Happy anniversary, Deanna! Has anyone ever told you that you guys look SO much alike? He sounds like a great guy! My husband can name the princesses and the fairies and other characters from shows the girls watch and it's so fun!

Gretchen said...

happy anniversary to yall!