Monday, December 5, 2011

16 months

I know I haven't been entirely faithful about blogging McClain's milestones each month, but it IS a way (the only way) I'll remember later on so I'm going to continue to post them when I remember to.

So here's what he's up to at 16 months:
--eating us completely out of house and home. And here I thought the girls were big eaters. But Little Man can put down 8 silver dollar-sized pancakes easily.
--Nilla wafers are the best bribe around. He loves them. I mean, L.O.V.E.S. them. Totally recognizes the box, insists on holding it throughout the grocery shopping trip, and pounds his chest (saying Please) for me to open them.
--is definitely able to make his wants, wishes, and needs known. I'm always amazed at how well little ones can speak without actually knowing how to talk yet.

--loves balls and dogs. Those are his two biggies. So what's he getting for Christmas? More balls and perhaps another stuffed dog. He's taken Sarah Kate's stuffed Barbie dog and claimed it as his own already.
--loves playing ball and fetch. He'd play it all day. Peek-a-boo is up there too, but not as much as it used to be.
--loves to read books. He's found one in particular that has a ball on one page and a dog on the next that are the only 2 pages he likes to read! lol!

--he's turned in to a Daddy's boy. Why, oh why, do they all like him more?! (j/k) But what's totally cute is that he's confused and calls Josh "mama" too. All day long while Josh's at work, McClain will say "dada". But then once he's in his sights it's "mama" all the way. TOTALLY makes me laugh.
--besides ball, dog, mama and dada, he also says "mo" for more, hot, hat, and I think he said what sounded like book this afternoon. But not going to count that one yet. ;)

That pretty much sums him up--balls, books, Nilla wafers, and of course that smile I can't resist!

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Zarah said...

Super sweet photos - and such fun milestones! :D