Friday, December 16, 2011

Our family rules--DIY Subway Art

Hmmm...I'll be honest here. With the holidays coming up I'm finding that my scrap time has considerably taken a backseat to all the other activities of the season. But still wanting to blog and post something creative, y'all may be getting tired of seeing my little ones, I realized that I never posted this. It's one of my favorite Cricut Circle projects/assignments that I created back in September. BUT, the good news is, it's a great time to share it with you now. Soooo...I give you my version of the popular Family Rules subway art.

The first time I saw the Family Rules subway art, I knew immediately that I wanted to make one for our family. The many, MANY fonts that I have with all the Cricut cartridges I've collected help me make just that. And while the order of importance isn't necessarily the same, these ARE values and sayings we DO say around our house (ahem..."Obey Right Away" gets said almost if not daily. ;) ), and we DO act silly and most definitely dance crazy. So it's a fun little token that hangs in our kitchen so I can see it everyday.

To make it, I layered strips of paper on top of the canvas in an attempt to distress it a little. In retrospect I would've skipped this step. Then I cut LOTS of phrases and fonts in many many sizes then fit them onto the canvas. It was a lot like working a puzzle. When it was finally the way I wanted it, I spray-painted it black. Once dry, I peeled off the letters and was left with my very own subway art. And I love it, imperfections and all. So glad I ran across it in my old picture files.

Thanks for letting me share! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season!

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Monika Wright said...

what a keepsake for your family!