Friday, December 2, 2011

You are my sunshine

Hi friends! I've got a real quick scrappy share with you today, because if you must know today's Dec. 2nd and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. There are still pumpkins on my front porch, and no sign of Christmas is anywhere in sight. We've attempted 3 different times to go get a tree and that hasn't worked out either. And if I'm being REALLY honest, I'll admit that I feel like I'm failing in almost all areas of my life right now--mother, wife, caretaker, housekeeper, cook, friend...the list could go on and on...

SO, it's no surprise to me that I'm still working on and blogging my projects from the November My Scrapbook Nook kit. Here's the most recent project.

You are My Sunshine
Yes, I've already scrapped one of these pics. But I just really love them. That, and the colors match the kit so well, couldn't NOT scrap them.

Well, I need to get back to what I should, if only I knew what to tackle first! At least it's Friday! Can you tell that I'm in need of some sunshine? perhaps some SON-shine. Not necessarily from my son but from The Son.

Have a good one!

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Virginia said...

When I'm in that place of feeling like I'm failing in everything, it usually ends up being good because it totally points me to Christ. It's when I feel like I'm succeeding that I end up getting all twisted up and tripping in my own righteousness. I love you friend. Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due time, you will reap the harvest. Love you!