Thursday, January 26, 2012

And PARTY we did

My poor Caroline has been counting down til today for a week and a half. That's because we were SUPPOSED to have her 1st "real" birthday party on MLK Day, but instead the whole family was sick with the stomach bug. She was sooo upset that I had to cancel her party. But today was the make-up day, and so "party" we did! :)

We had her party at Pump It Up! which we wouldn't necessarily been able to do if it hadn't been for a Double Take Deal (kinda like a Groupon) for it, but I'm so glad we did! The kids had so much fun, and were REALLY tired after all that bouncing, running around, and climbing. Caroline wanted a Super Hero theme focusing on Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, and Super Girl. And it's REALLY hard to have to create a party theme when there are no paper goods that match! So I used a book or 2 from around our house, and included her vintage WW lunchbox, then (at the suggestion of the party place sales clerk) hit up the 4th of July stuff for some stars. Regardless, we had a great time! I'm so glad we finally got to celebrate with all her little friends!

Happy (almost) Friday! :)

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teacher jessy said...

Wow that is such a cool party!! Love the photos too & what a great theme too :)