Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Life--sorta

Before I jump into my Project Life photos and stories, I want to say thank you to those of you who left such sweet comments on my last post. It was most definitely a challenging day that was immediately followed by the worst cold (for lack of a better term) I've had in quite a while. So it was a hard weekend. But thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words.

Now, on to my Project Life post.

I've decided to join the bandwagon of sorts and attempt to do Project Life, a way in which I'll attempt to capture our everyday life in photos and stories, one week at a time. And I'll be truthful. I'm NOT going to do your average PL. I may not capture every week, I forget to journal, and it may end up being a monthly thing. But what PL does do is it makes me be purposeful.

So many times I hear friends of older children say, "Write it down, you'll want to remember that someday." And while I thought that scrapbooking and doing layouts would do just that, I'm finding that I only scrap the good photos. Or the ones that might get published. So I'm doing Project Life in order to capture the small moments, the pictured that will most assuredly be not as stellar, the stories that make me laugh, cry, or I just want to remember. I may not take a picture every day, I may not have a story to share from every day, but I WILL be more purposeful. I will capture the essence of our everyday life. goes....

Today I'm sharing my PL pictures and stories here on the blog because my page protectors haven't come in yet. They're back-ordered. But I want to at least START the year faithful to my PL posts. ;)

Jan 1: we drove 6+ hrs. home from the beach. No photos, no stories to tell, just 6 long hours in the car.
Jan.3: Fanatastic day!! The girls played dress-up, super heroes, and invited all their Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop pets, and princesses to a birthday party for Thomas the Train @ the newly constructed train track in the living room. They played so well that they didn't even argue or fight while cleaning up!

Jan. 4: Sarah Kate loves jewelry, this we all know. Here I caught her in my bed. "I'm just organizing your jewelry for you mom." Yeah right. ;)

um...yeah. Good thing we had such a fabulous day the day before, because apparently Caroline was supposed to be in school. I'd completely lost track of days and dates, so yes, we missed the first day back to school. whoops!

Jan. 5: the day at the hospital (see post below for all the details) I actually got a picture of SK and Holly because I was testing out the different white balance settings on my camera. So here they are in the waiting room. Yes, I took my daughter to the hospital when she was still dressed up in her favorite princess dress complete with overly pink, out-of-the-lines lip gloss. ;) So her!

Jan. 6: playing with my little buddy outside while the girls napped after school.

And earlier in the day we had some twirl time. Sarah Kate can be quoted as saying, "He wants me because I'm so beautiful." as she gestured to her latest fashion ensemble (seen below).

Jan. 8: because everyone plays football in the kitchen with their shirtless toddler, right?

And that's all for my Proj. Life this week. If you've read to this point, then you deserve a medal.

But before I go I have just one more thing to say:

Happy Championship Monday!! :D

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